Common Mistakes After Lifting Weightlifting

The bad habit will significantly reduce your workout achievements.0: 00/2: 43 namsau workout, muscles appear many very small stains and glycogen reserves in the body are reduced, According to Gravity Transformation. Therefore, you will feel tired and hungry than before practicing. There are some common mistakes that many people suffer from the end of training. These mistakes can delay weight loss and muscle construction, even before you practice hard work

. Photo: Vogue Italy.The energy-eating food, eating more fat after the training can slow down the meal digestion process. This means that nutrients will take more time to enter muscle cells
Since then, the process of repairing and building muscles will slow down. Many fried foods are not good for physique if you are pursuing the goal of increasing muscle, reducing fat. Feeding more oil food after do exercise. Photo: Shutter.sai mistakenly is to reward herself a meal too much. Exercise will make you feel hungry. If you try to satisfy the hunger with a convenience store, you will tend to eat too much, especially sweets. So you should not arbitrarily eat any random food. Instead, prepare a protein-rich snack. If there is no protein consumption, the body will not have the amino acids needed to repair and develop muscle
Do not rise with another thing that should not be ignored after the workout is stretching (stretching). , One of the most obvious benefits that muscles will get better. Because becoming stronger, muscles will gradually tighten. Muscular stretching, tightening is not good for the posture balance. For example, if you regularly practice your breasts with exercises like bench press and flyes, but don't stretch your chest muscles after episodes, chest muscles will tighten stress More over time. Since then, they will pull two shoulders forward and close together, creating a round shoulder posture. Body relaxation is the necessary to maintain good posture and stable development of muscles. Photo: Men's Health. Besides, the muscles are tightened for a long time that can lead to injury. Even when we don't practice, muscles will lose their elasticity at the old age. Besides exercise, muscle relaxation is also important. Creating habits to interpret your muscles after the rehearsal will help you maintain the maximum flexibility and ability to mobilize when you get older. Many people eat this, drink alcohol after the workout makes the body dehydrated, reduce synthesis Protein and extra hollow calories. Exercise increases blood flow to transport to muscles. Blood flow continues to increase after the practice. At this time, alcohol will move in a blood sugar to the torn muscles that need a good nutrient to recover. Wine after exercise contributes to muscle weakened. In addition, the body will prioritize alcohol removal rather than decompose fat. This negatively affects fat burning and reducing fat. Alcohol also makes it harder to sleep at night. Meanwhile, muscles will recover, repair and develop sizes while sleeping. Therefore, sleep does not reach quality, lack of sleep will reduce the benefits from eating properly and hard workout. The 6-zone abdominal muscles do not need to use a lot of losses of thumbnails, creating a citrus Taste can be carried out at home, no need to use Ta.

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