Communion Because The Mixing Cream Contains Fluorescent Whitening

Recently, a dermatological expert has spoken on social networks on the harmful effects of melasma creams that unknown the origin of the reception of patients who are victims of creams that contain fluorescent whitening. The fox is there with a kniature treatment: 00/2: 44 namkem coastal melasma contains a fluorescent whitening agent of Nguyen Tien Thanh, the central dermatological hospital said, recently a woman has come to him to examine for Facial skin conditions are irritable, flaked, red. Ask for a history and visit, the doctor identifies patients with irritating dermatitis after using a narget product set from ..

. a friend. Conducting the patient's facial shooting through the skin analyzer shows that there is a reflective when shooting with a specialized leather analyzer.Bsckii Nguyen Tien Thanh said: that is because fluorescence is still present on the skin, wear Although this patient has stopped using all face-to-face products from 2 days before going to the exam
The left is the patient's face, showing reflective when shooting with a skin analyzer. Fluorescent in mixing cream What is that melasma? According to Bsckii Tien Thanh, fluorescen whitening agent is a organic compound and is a fluorescent dye, emitting green or purple light after absorbing polar rays Violet. They are widely used in detergents, paper, textile fabrics and plastic products to remove yellow of white fabric and increase the brightness of the product. "Studies on fluorescent whitening materials in cosmetics There have been many suspicions about having fluorescence in skin care masks and posing concerns about their harm to the skin when used. But so far the products contain whitening agents Fluorescent still circulating in many products, beauty cosmetics and skin care causes many unwanted effects for the skin "- BSCKII Tien Thanh said. The teacher's press BSCKII Nguyen Tien Thanh affirmed that Fluorescoric substances used in skin whitening cosmetics are only one substance into the product to fool visualization, because it cannot reduce the amount of melanin but do our skin "looks more white. In addition, some researchers have demonstrated long-term fluorescence exposure affecting the development and growth of claspsia G of the cell, can cause sudden cells leading to skin cancer. Not to mention that they have long-term clinging on the skin surface, causing irritation reactions, allergies to user skin. So the prestigious cosmetic firms in the world do not use or very few fluorescents in their products - BSCKII Tien Thanh emphasize.Bsckii Nguyen Tien Thanh advises to alert in choosing skin care products And so beautiful, advice for everyone who wants to beautify is: Alert in choosing skin care and beauty products
Should not be subjective that they are just leather products and you can comfortably use any product or listen to advertisements from people who may not really understand the product they are selling. Or use. To be able to choose the best methods for your skin, go to doctors with deep dermatologists, aesthetics ... surely you will have a healthy skin Strong. Video watching are interested:

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