Compare Honda City And Rookie Nissan Almera At Vnd 600 Million

Nissan Almera and Honda City are two suitable Class B sedans for family with modern designs, large space and multiple pages of equipment. B Always one of the groups with the highest sales. At the same time, the manufacturers also focused on, investing in products in this segment. Over, Nissan returned to Class B sedan with Almera, once known as Sunny in Vietnam market. In particular, the high-end Almera CVT version aims to buy a car to serve a family with a large space and many modern safety features

. In the price of less than 579 million VND of Nissan Almera CVT high-end, Honda City RS (VND 599 million) is also a suitable plan for families with the advantages of use space, operability and popular brands. Nissan new Almera design, Honda City RS calendar first, Nissan Sunny experienced a long time before selling. One of the main causes of Sunny failure is a simple, obsolete design
Surrounded the new generation, Nissan Almera has a large interior / exterior of the old life, with a significantly young, more modern appearance. On the premium version of Almera CVT, the LED system, A, B, C columns and a black-painted rearview mirror, with the V-Motion grille helps to create an exterior highlight, replace the Sunny model Previously with the design with a faint, the new generation, Honda City carries a neutral appearance and a traditional sedan direction, with a 3-box style, clearly dividing the head, body and tail. City RS has a number of additional exterior equipment and shadow black paint, helping sports cars and more pits. However, overall, Honda City 2021 is still a sedan with an elegant, basic and consistent design of many groups of customer objects.Honda City RS is also equipped with LED light system and use LA-ZRY The 16-inch size is larger than the 15-inch type of Almera. Length x Wide x is high, equal to 4,553 x 1,748 x 1,467 mm of Honda City is slightly more than 4,495 x 1,740 x 1,460 mm of Nissan Almera. Considering the wide premises of Class B, City and Almera sedan are the largest size cars. Look at the moment, Nissan Almera has a new designer than Honda City - which does not change too much through each The system and have been a familiar car in Vietnam.Hai car lacks some popular equipment in Nissan Almera's segment as a big step from the old Sunny generation. Although there are still simple, traditional designs, details such as flat bottom steering wheels, the 7-inch digital screen clock table that helps Almera's cabin is no longer obsolete compared to the common ground
City RS has more eye-catching interior design than Nissan Almera thanks to the main black tone with many contrast red decorative details. In addition, Wind-Lot wind doors, Entertainment screens and air-conditioning knobs of City RS are also shaped with more accents. There is the most expensive price of the segment, however Honda City RS and Nissan Almera Luxury CVT has a shortage of some popular options on the high version of most Sedan ranked B.Nissan Almera with leather d-cut leather, integrated control / voice control buttons, automatic air conditioning, curtain 8 inch center support Apple Carplay, smart key, boot button and 360-degree camera - Rare fitting in segment. However, this model does not have wind door rear seats, Cruise Control and Only use the sweatshirts.Honda City RS has the wind door rear seats, Cruise Control, thrift / sports steering mode, boot button, switching numbers on steering wheel, remote control machine features, air conditioner dynamic, 8-inch screen. However, the car also only uses a felt leather seat and does not have a backward sensor.Honda City has a wide interior, the second row comfortable with the average physique of Vietnamese people. With a better city length of 20 mm and reaching 2,620 mm, Almera is equally, especially in the rear seats.Nissan Almera has many safety features Honda City use 1.5L engine, capacity 119 horsepower , 145 nm torque, CVT gearbox and front-to-drive system - in the strongest form of Sedan class B. In that time, Nissan Almera is the only sedan in the segment equipped with turbocharged engine. The premium Almera CVT version uses a 1.0L motor, a capacity of 98 horsepower, 152 nm.almera torque is better than City on traction, but the city is stronger than the 21 horsepower almera when considering capacity - the level The difference is relatively significant. Overall, the two cars meet the needs of the family's daily travel needs. Safety surface, Nissan Almera CVT dominates with electronic balance systems, pulling traction, supporting the horizontal departure, Detecting moving objects, blind spots / means of horizontal intervening.Honda City RS has less safety systems, including electronic balance, horizontal steep departure support and reverse camera. High, Nissan Almera CVT high-end and Honda City RS are all picky guests in the segment. However, with users who buy class B sedans serving individuals and families, this is less options "

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