Compare Honda Civic 2022 With New Hyundai Elantra

The 11th generation Honda Civic has launched in Thailand dominates the operation and space parameters, while Hyundai Elantra 2021 in Malaysia prominently designs and features equipped with <: 00/5: 5 namthun Southeast Asia Cars from the beginning of the year to receive 2 outstanding C class sedans, Hyundai Elantra 2021 and Honda Civic are completely new. This duo is waiting for Vietnamese users to be released soon when there are many attractive upgrades both in terms of design, feature and operational parameters. In Thailand, the 11th generation Honda Civic has 3 versions with The price fluctuates 29,000-36,000 USD. Meanwhile, the new Hyundai Elantra Executive and Premium in Malaysia priced the corresponding price of 33,150 USD and 37,660 USD. So in the comparison between Honda Civic RS and Hyundai Elantra Premium, 2 Japanese and Korean sedans are more than inferior ? Exceptions Honda Civic Exhibition, Hyundai Elantra Sports Honda Civic 2022 and the 7th generation Hyundai Elantra has a completely contrast design style compared to the versions selling in Vietnam

. With Civic, Honda sedan model Now looks like an Accord's miniature version with a luxurious and elegant design, different from the sporty design of the old car life. The lines of Honda Civic broken and sturdy, looked "Old age" when placed next to the Korean opponent. The Civic RS version was added to the sport exterior decoration package with black paint details such as projection mirror Hau, LA-zang 5-spoke dual, shark fin antenna and surfing wings in the rearside
In that moment, Elantra 2021 has a breakthrough about appearance, from the style not too young to become a fastback model sport. Inheriting the design of the "senior" sonata, the new Hyundai Elantra has a series of sharp tendonies. Plus with the eye-catching details such as large grilles, propeller-shaped wheels or led lights behind. However, Hyundai does not arrange for Elantra 2021 dual exhaust pipe clusters such as Civic which hide below the dark rear bumper. The similar exterior sites between 2 models can be mentioned with full-LED lighting system, Sensors turn on / off lamps and rains automatically, LA-ZANG 17 inch size, rearview mirror automatically folding / adjusting electricity ... Comparison of size, Hyundai Elantra is slightly more slightly than in long, wide and high total parameters Can. In contrast, Civic has the advantage of the facility length before the opponent. The size of the 2
.Honda Civic is spacious, Hyundai Elantra many oppositions in the continuation of style are shown in the interior. Civic offers a minimalist drive and gadgets for passengers, and Elantra owns modern and multi-tech cabins. The Honda Civic 2022 is simple when there is a flat design with a pine screen Entertainment news. Steering wheel, seat, tapi door on the RS version wrapped leather and embroidered red decoration. On Elantra 2021, Hyundai uses the direction of the direction of the driver, suitable for the young customer group and like sports cars . Combined with that is the bright color coordination of seats, tables and cladding for premium, luxurious sense. Luxury in the page list is inclined to Hyundai Elantra Premium when the front seats have functions Ventilation of cooling and electric heating, driving chairs can tweak 8 directions and integrated inflatable backrest. In addition, Korean sedan models also have steering wheels, tire pressure sensors and functional unlock functions . Civic's highlights are remote explosion functions and card locks from Honda Smart Key Card.Concan, Honda Civic RS and opponents with multiple similarities such as electronic speed clock tables, touch screen Apple Carplay / Android Auto connection and support assistant Vietnamese Kiki, automatic regulating 2 regions, wireless phone charger, electronic hand brake ... A plus point for Japanese car models sitting More spacious. At the same time, the Honda Civic has a luggage compartment capacity of nearly 420 liters, more than the 402 liters of Hyundai Civic more prominently on operation in Thailand and Malaysia, Civic and Elantra only one engine option, soy This is a 1.5L booster machine of Honda and the new 1.6L gasoline engine from Hyundai. The parameters of 2 models have significant differences when Civic loyal to the 10th generation sports operation style, and Elantra wants to bring a gentle, flexible driving experience. General is both samples Sedans are equipped with CVT stepless gearbox capable of simulating multiple levels. On the Civic RS has a lot of sports transfers, while Elantra Premium provides 4 driving modes (Smart, Normal, Eco and Sport), more opponents in the Smart option. With safety listing, duo The most advanced version of Civic and Elantra has a steering support technology package, including automatic brake, collision warning, adaptable cruise control, adaptive headlights, lane deviation warning, lane support support , warning blind points ... In general, the new Civic has a lower neutral appearance than before but still maintains the ability to operate strongly, accompanying it is a spacious and comfortable interior to the heart of the group Using Honda's loyalty. On the Elantra, Hyundai promises to create a large attraction with welding guests

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