Compare The Cost Of Use Between Gas Cars With Hybrid Cars

Cars using hybrid engines are always higher than cars using gasoline engines. So which type of actual use of vehicles helps customers save more? - Video compares the cost of use between gas cars with hybrid cars. Source: tipcar tv.00: 00/14: 13 in Vietnam market, Toyota Corolla Cross is imported from Thailand, with 3 versions with a specific selling price as follows: 1.8g version Other colors: 720 Million VND

. 1.8g version of pearl white: 728 million dong. 1
8V version Other colors: 820 million VND. 1.8V Pearl white version: 828 Million VND. Version 1.8HV Other colors: 910 Million VND. Version 1.8HV Pearl white: 918 million dong.Toyota Corolla Cross will be sold from August 15, the 1.8G version alone delivered to the customer hand from mid-September. With the above price, this urban SUV competes with rivals like Honda HR-V, Hyundai Kona, Kia Seltos, Ford Ecosport, MG ZS
Toyota Corolla Cross version 1.8HV.Corolla Cross owns a strong image of the true urban SUV with stylish, sports and flexible exterior with the ability to operate the leading global design orientation TNGA Reputation. Toyota's new product in Vietnam is equipped Power-conducted sunroof, roster price, frontlight cluster and LED technology cluster, 18-inch sports alloy wheels. On the TNGA platform, the suspension is significantly improved to provide better traction and smoothness for passengers, and enhance stability and balance when driving straight or on crabs as well as flexibility , confident and vision to extend to the driver. The size of Toyota Corolla Cross is 4,460x1,825x1,620 mm, base length 2/640 mm, a minimum round radius of 5.2 m. The 161 mm vehicle morning, a 47 liter fuel tank capacity. The electrical hybrid technology provides excellent acceleration, low emissions, towards a green future of Vietnam. The Hybrid 1.8 HV version owns a strong acceleration and superior fuel economy when equipped with the latest fourth generation Hybrid system from Toyota. Hybrid cars can save 1.5-2 times the fuel consumption and emissions compared to conventional cars. With self-charging technology, Corolla Cross is suitable for infrastructure conditions of Vietnam when No need to build charging stations and bring green solutions to move in urban areas, contributing to the sustainable development of Vietnam Society. Toyota Safety Sense Safety System (TSS) with a series of technologies such as systems Security warning system (PCS), active journey control (DRCC), lane lane warning (LDA), support lane (LTA), adaptive auto headlights (AHB). Besides, this SUV also owns a series of advanced equipment to support the driver including blind spot warning system (BSM), warning cross-sectional vehicles (RCTA), tire pressure monitoring ( TPWs), 360O panoramic camera ... At the same time, Corolla Cross also integrates many passive and other secure safety features such as 7 airbags, anti-lock braking (ABS), electronic brake force distribution (EBD), Support emergency braking (three), electronic balance (VSC), horizontal departure support (HAC) ... The top spacious luggage compartment in the segment (capacity of 440 liters) can hold up to 4 Middle or 2 to 3 golf bags are suitable for family weekend trips. Besides, the cabin is designed with large doors that easily go out, as well as about spacious car ceilings (about 105mm for front seats, 87mm for rear seats) to help people feel relaxing and comfortable. The car is equipped with automatic regulating two independent regions, the rear seats are reclining up to 6 degrees, the back of the rear seat with a cup holder, along with air-conditioned wind door and USB port for rear passengers, touch screen The largest 9-inch application segment of Apple Carplay and Android Auto.Khoang interior of Corolla Cross provides a luxurious and class impression with satin-plated and leather-covered panels in the central control panel, seats, Lang, cladding door. All bring fun and relaxed moments on every trip. About Operation, version 1.8g and 1.8V are equipped with 4-cylinder gasoline engine capacity of 1.8 liters for maximum capacity 138 horsepower at 6,400 rpm, maximum torque of 172 nm at 4,000 rpm. In the meantime, the power of the HV version comes from the engine also using gasoline engine 4 cylinder capacity 1.8 liters for a capacity of 97 horsepower at 5,200 rpm, 142 nm torque at 3,600 rpm. Besides, the electric motor for a capacity of 53 horsepower and 163 nm torque. Both use CVT stepless automatic gearbox combined with previous bridges. Pham Kieu (General)

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