Compared To The Billionaire Of Duong Mich: Everyone Is Cult, Only An Anonymous Person

The problem of friendship, Duong Mich's sisters have caused the media to take care of the ink. Temporarily ignore the clocks about the American birth of the Tam Tam to play with who is "Toang" with that person. Let's look back at the "Hao billion" of Duong Mich! The Peace Street is first-time, can not help but call the name of Yen - who has been considered the "best sister" of Duong Mich, and is also the only bridesmaid On this actress's wedding day. Yen Yen is definitely not strange to Vietnamese audiences! Although acting also caused a lot of debate, this beauty still caused how many people had to rub with a sweet beauty, causing love in films such as Tien Kien Ky Hiep 3, together with a lifetime .

.. re-export -Baby his birth, the lines are more lulled, salty, the beauty on the incense. However, it seems that this beautiful person is not very salty with a movie career anymore but spends a lot of time to take care of her husband
Such thiu Thi Thituong seems like Yen Yen, Luu Thi Thi Thi seems to be bored. In the showbiz very much, focusing on a family more after coming to her mother. Myo, fans of the Ministry of Economic Minister shall show the pressing attitude when you see the schedule only a single working day. Knewly when cooperating in the first half of the 3rd period, Luu Thi Thi and Duong Mich quickly became close friends, causing people to "push the boat" enthusiastically with extremely intimate actions. However, because of the phenomenon of playing shoulders, this sister came to the way everyone was regretful, until recently used to heal. Sisters with Duong Mich when they play together. This is also the reason why Duong Mich received a lot of "stone tiles" from the public. Luu Yifei is the sound of the Chinese showbiz, pocket many extremely attractive works. However, right on the peak of his career, this beauty decided to try the cinema but was not successful. Now, after more than 10 years of war on a wide screen but only bring about the "disaster For ticket office, "Liu Yifei returns to the small screen with the Mong Hoa Luc Dream Project" standing still sitting still "
AngelababyDuong Mich also has a close relationship with Angelababy. These two beautiful people together with MC Truong Dai Dai formed the "trio" extremely hot hit of Chinese language showbiz, often gathered together.Allababy also has a very large relationship in the fashion world, is the female star wearing The highest level posted after the Dai Hoa Lang, including Pham Bang Bang, Chau Tan and Zhang Ziyi. Looking at a total of 100 ministries of Haute Couture Ms. Huynh Xu Minh Every Person on Huynh, Probably Many people have to "round eyes" for amazing? Like Vy "Princess shop" Like Vy is also a close friend of Duong Mich. These two beautiful people have cooperated in the American movie and become close since then. Like Vy has joked: "Duong Mich is a member of my harem", how much they know how close they are! It is the best beauty of the Chinese showbiz, like Vy Favorite, highly appreciated both beauty and acting. Not only achieved a lot of success in this film, actress and the husband was quite hard to appear in TV shows, causing people to be interested in . Likes Vy has a great life in both career and private life, causing multiple people to admire. The Code of Miches also has a close relationship with "Beijing Women's First". These two female stars often appoint to eat together to eat. Thanks to this work, she received the love of a large number of audiences and also found a makeup style suitable for herself, causing the beauty to rise quickly.La ran in the Cbiz body of Duong Mich, LA Refunds are the most strange name. According to the information I found out, this beautiful person used to carry the name of "Tieu Duong Mich" because there are many strokes like Tam Sinh Tam Sinh actress. The supreme female voice, contributing to the movie of love but does not retain HOT, gradually being forgotten by the audience. Now, it is probably the only impression of Quan Chan is the "dear friend". You still know about any other people of Duong Mich? Share immediately with SASTAR!

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