Complete The New Legal Framework For Banks To Buy Corporate Bonds

September 7. Banking Association and representatives of a number of departments and departments of the State Bank of Vietnam have just organized a seminar on draft Circular to replace Circular 22 and Circular 15. The seminar shall be carried out in the form of online . Photo: Hamnhong Tu 22/2016 / TT-NHNN dated June 30, 2016 and Circular 15/2018 / TT-NHNN dated June 18, 2018 amending and supplementing a number of articles of Circular 22/1016 / TT -NHNN of the State Bank shall stipulate the organization of credit institutions and branches of foreign banks to buy corporate bonds. According to the assessment of the Banking Association, Circular 22 and Circular 15 up to now have impacts Very positive to the purchase and sale of corporate bonds of credit institutions and foreign bank branches

. After many years applying, along with strong development in banking operations, promulgating the circular New replacing the circular on buying and selling corporate bonds is now necessary to ensure in accordance with practicality and operations of credit institutions. Concerning this Circular, the Bank The country has suggested suggestions of credit institutions and banking associations. On the basis of reflection of credit institutions, the Banking Association also has a petition document, but at the new draft, Many content boards The drafting remains the point of view as the previous draft and adding many other terms even more tightly
At 7/9 seminars, most of the banks said that the provisions at The latest draft circular is too tight, affecting the right to participate in the bond market of banks. Many regulations are even tightened than the provisions of Decree 153/2020 / ND-CP of the main Covered on the offering of private corporate bond transactions in the domestic market to offering corporate bonds to the international market. Before the comments of banks, the State Bank representatives said, in The current draft also has a number of contents that are not completely suitable for words and may consider editing more accurately. Also, can have the proposed contents and recommendations of banks But the State Bank does not acquire because the State Bank also has its own perspective in state management, but if the content of the Drafting Board does not continue hu will have a prize of reason./. credit

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