Complex Epidemics, Hanoi Can Continue To Interpret Social From National Day 2/9

According to the CDC leader in Hanoi, the situation of epidemics in the area is still complicated, the possibility of Hanoi will stretch at least one more week to prevent and fight against Translation.0: 00/1: 48 namthun day 20/8, Deputy Director of Disease Control Center (CDC) Ha Noi Khong Minh Tuan said that the epidemic situation in the area was still complicated, so the possibility of Hanoi will stretch at least one more week to prevent and fight Translate. "The disease decreases this place but rises another place, the situation is quite complicated. According to me, the city may have to stretch at least one more week, especially through the National Day 2/9", Mr. Tuan said

. This cdc will need to add results of the epidemic situation in the city in one, two days to have the basis of advising the city about relaxing or continuing to stretch the social way. CDC Hanoi identifies Covid-19 cases that have not been reduced, Hanoi may have to relax at least 1 week of socially. On the day, respond to VTC News about whether Hanoi continues to interpret society according to only market 16 or not, receiver The Department of Health said that in about 1-2 days, Hanoi City has decided on this issue
"In this afternoon, Hanoi will hold a press conference on the situation of epidemics", Leaders of Department of Medicine Hanoi Hà Nội adds. According to the Conclusion of the Permanent Hanoi Party Committee recently, the risk of spreading epidemics is still high and unpredictable, large-scale testing and pool screening - fever in the community Still recognizing new cases and identification may also have other F0 cases in the community that have not been removed by the community; In the blockade areas, there are still many f0s due to failing to trace or exercise "cut outside, liquid in". At the inspection of the prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemic in Ba Dinh 19/8 district, The Standing Deputy Secretary of Hanoi Party Committee Nguyen Thi Tuyen Note: "Although the number of F0 cases in the community tends to decrease, but if we are subjective, the disease will spread very quickly and difficult to control. While That, the Vu Lan and National Day 2/9 is coming, if not tighten the discipline, the risk of infection will be very large. "Wisdom

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