Computer Mouse Samples Cost Tens Of Thousands Of Usd

Computer mouse samples are inlaid, diamond attachments cost tens of thousands of USD.02: 00/1: 20 nam south with price of 36,835 USD, Gold Bullion Wireless Mouse is the most expensive computer mouse in the world today. The entire mouse body made of 18-carat gold, a gold-like design. The device uses a wireless connection, equipped with 3 buttons similar to normal mouse patterns. Photo: MusicRadar

. MJ Luxury is applique diamonds to the entire top lid and 2 sides. This is a wireless mouse with 3 basic buttons, the diamonds make the device cost $ 34,480. Photo: mj777
com. This mouse is eye-catching when 18 carat white gold plated, a flower with 59 diamonds. This is also one of the most expensive computer mice in the world when $ 26,000. Photo: Alux. MJ Gold Metal Sun Mouse with a unique circle, reminiscent of Apple's round mouse in the 1990s. The mouse seems shiny by body made from pure gold. The selling price of the device is 19,750 USD. Photo: Mj777.Com. It was released in 2010, Gigabyte Mouse GM-M7800s with black leather and Swarovski
Not only has a luxurious appearance, this mouse is integrated with advanced laser technology, 4-way buttons and ultra-small receiver. The device costs 18,510 USD. Photo: Gigabyte. With price of 17,850 USD, MJ Python mouse stands out with python skin body, separately on the details of the shiny gold-plated coil button. Photo: MJ777.Com.Art Studio MJ from Ukraine also manipulated many high-end computer mice wrapped with leather, gold plated, diamonds or Swarovski. However, the specific selling price for each mouse sample is not disclosed publicly. Photo: MJ777.COM. Interesting accessories for smartphones Cum and selfie sticks, microscopic lenses, Lazer keyboards are interesting accessories for smartphone users.

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