Confidence To Hold A Tens Of Thousands Of Lip Balm, Use For Both Young Children

Why spend hundreds of thousands for a Korean lip balm while we only take several tens of thousands of doing themselves and don't take too much time, effort? 0: 00/3: 40 South East men are coming And surely you are seeing the significant changes of the skin. The air becomes cold and dry also means that we are lazy to drink more water. Not only the skin becomes more dry and assembled but also lips. Especially for those who often beat their lipstick every time he gets out, the lipsticks are indeed a challenge. At these moments, in order for more pleasant lips, there is only a way to apply the previous lipstick

. Peeling in the winter has many causes, the most compact solution is to be moistened with lipstick. Currently available for sale, but lipsticks come from a prestigious brand with a valuable value. In addition, if you are a woman of the family, you will still recognize, the lip dry problem, peeling is not just your own condition but also family members
Most are children, winter, the frequency of children drinking water also decreases. If your baby's lip is dry, it will usually take the hand and remove the bleeding machine. However, we cannot always share the vial Adult lips for children. Although nursing products often have benign, soft structures on the skin, we cannot fully control the active ingredients in it. Are girls who like to study by mother. Lipal lipstreams for children often have very aromatic scents. The cheap-nice-easy-to-day category will tell you all steps to make lip balm at home. Lip balm colors are often made of many colors thanks to mica powder. Mica is a natural mineral commonly used for cosmetics, paint .
. Look for a mica powder dedicated to cosmetics to ensure the safety of skin as well as when applying to the lip. DIY nursing is extremely cheap, you can customize the color and flavoring flavor suitable for your family. The smell for lipstick from the fruit if you are thinking using the essential oil for lip balm is also an opinion bad. However, if making lipsticks for both small children, we should consider. Some essential oils contain optical poison, when used as a lipstick for young children, they will often try to eat and lick their own lipstick. There is a kind of flavor with a benign output and made of real fruits, They are treated cold without using any coloring substances, fillers, diluents or preservatives. It is Medicine Flower.Medicine Flower can be used in food, beverages and cosmetic applications. Wonder * Materials: - 1 tablespoon of uncoated coconut oil - 1 tablespoon Pastilles beeswax - 1 tablespoon butter (Avocado grease, mango butter, cocoa butter, etc.) - 1 teaspoon hemp seed oil (or oil / oil-based oils such as olives, sweet almonds, spring seeds, butter, jojoba, etc.) - 1 teaspoon of castor oil (this type adds many moisture moisture and adds the perfect "shadow" for a homemade lip balm. If you don't have this available, just replace it with hemp Oil or other background oil) - ¼ teaspoon of vitamin E (optional - this is used to help oil longer than a longer but also help moisturize and restore!) - ½ teaspoon mica powder (optional to Add color) - Combine additional flavors that you choose below (or essential oils if you are doing this dish for adults or older children) Pineapple mango: 15 drops of mango flavor, 20 drops of pineapple flavor Coconut: 15 drops Huong Coconut, 10 drops of banana flavorStrawberries n 'Cream (strawberry and ice cream): 25 drops of strawberries, 3 drops of Apple vanicaramel flavor: 25 drops of red apple, 5 drops of caramel preparations only take a few minutes redunded for finished products is a variety of lip batches. * Real guide Currently module coconut oil, beeswax and butter until melting. - then, lift out and add hemp seed oil, castor oil, vitamin E, mica powder (if used) and aromatherapy . Stir until the combination is completely. Adults, make sure only use aromatherapy and essential oils are not poisonous as Citrus Citrus essential oil. The product is only used in a winter, so you should have a suitable dose.

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