Confidence To Hold A Tens Of Thousands Of Lip Balm, Use For Both Young Children

Why spend hundreds of thousands to one balm Korean products while we only take a few tens of thousands of self-employed and also not spend too much time, suc.0: 00/3: domain 41Nu NamMua winter is coming and surely, you're seeing the obvious changes of the skin. Air becomes dry air and also means that we are lazy to drink more water. Not the skin becomes dry and rough lips than that, too. Especially for the sisters usually wear lipstick every time out, the hard-line lipstick 1 challenge indeed

. These times, to give more pleasant environment, just how to apply lip balm before applying do.Moi peeling in winter has many causes, most quick workaround is compact moisture level with lip balm duong.Son now sold not less but the lip line from reputable brand value is not small
In addition, if you are a woman of the family, you will also realize, dry lip problems, peeling lips are not just your own status, but also the members of the family. Especially the baby, winter, frequency of drinking water also reduces dan.Neu baby baby dry lips, will often hand peeled and tampering cause mau.Tuy flowing course, we can not always share the bottle adult balm for babies. Although care products usually benign texture, smooth on the skin lips, but we can not control completely the active ingredient in do.Co an interesting thing is that the baby loves to beat up lip balm, especially is like school girls posed with their mother. Field balm Children often very aromatic scent. The cheapest category-Beautiful-Ease today will tell you all the steps made lip balm in color for sonTat nha.Tao course, you can also add a little color belts interesting for lip balm jar. Color lip balm is usually made from more grams of color thanks to the mica powder
Mica is a natural mineral often used for cosmetic coloring, painting ... You look for buying mica powder for cosmetic to ensure safety for the skin as well as when applied to moi.Hu son DIY maintenance cost is extremely cheap, you can freely adjust the color and flavor consistent with the smell in the lip from the left dinh.Tao cayNeu you are thinking to use essential oils for lip balm is also is not bad. However, if you do use lipstick for young children should consider. Some oils contain toxins optical, when used as a lipstick for young children, they will often try to eat and lick lip very nhieu.Co a flavoring is a benign production and made real fruit, they are processed cold without using any coloring agents, fillers, diluents or preservatives. That's Flower.Medicine Medicine Flower can be used in food, beverage and cosmetic applications pham.Cong formula * Materials: - 1 tablespoon unrefined coconut oil che- 1 tablespoon butter 1 tablespoon ong- wax pastilles (shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, etc.) - 1 teaspoon of oil seeds hemp (or oils / oil led as olive, sweet almond, nuts briar, avocado, jojoba, etc.) - 1 teaspoon of castor oil (type that adds a lot of moisture and adding volume, "ball" perfect for a lip balm homemade. If you do not have this stuff, just replace it with more grain spikes oil or nenkhac) - ¼ teaspoon of vitamin E (optional - this is used to help the oil long rancid, but it also helps moisturize and restore!) - ½ teaspoon powdered mica (option to add color) - Combining extra flavor you other options below (or oil if you are doing this stuff for adults or older children) mango Pineapple: 15 drops of mango, 20 drops of aroma duaChuoi coconut: 15 drops of fragrance coconut, 10 drops of aroma chuoiStrawberries n 'cream (strawberries and cream): 25 drops of strawberry, 3 drops of incense vaniCarameltao: 25 drops of apple red, 5 drops you caramelQua preparation only takes a few minutes to repeat the finished product is more fresh lip balm different favorite. * Guidance implementation - Bring a water coconut oil, beeswax and butter until melted chay.- then lifted vathem hemp seed oil, castor oil, vitamin E, mica powder (if using) and spices. Stir until completely combined toan.- Pour into lip balm containers and let cool, Donglai before dung.Luu note: When using aromatherapy or as substitute for oil flavoring for older children or big, make sure to only use aromatherapy essential oil and non-toxic as cold-pressed citrus essential oils. Is only used in one winter, so you should make proper dosage units hop.Theo Vietnam Women

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