Cong Vinh – Thuy Tien Selling Vegetables 1 Billion 1 Bundle, The Discount Season ‘shock’

Netizens laughed before the way of selling vegetables' during the episodes of Cong Vinh - Thuy Tien. From after the call for donations to support the central people was flooded, Cong Vinh - Thuy Tien suffered many scandals. Wearing nonfrics, couples still abandoned the criticism and enthusiastically volunteering during the episodes. "Vinh - Thuy Tien" sells vegetables 0 copper ". Thuy Tien handed down to divide vegetables, tubers and gave people difficult during the episodes

. It is worth noting that the attached state line, whereby Mr. Hanh Phuc's voice voice: "Here we sell vegetables, this morning has just arrived. 1 billion 1 bundle, the discount season collapsed in the floor 0 copper
Commercial, trade in her relatives ". Husband singer Thuy Tien hand-hearted with each vegetable bag and gave it to the relatives. Then, the vegetable parts for 0 copper are ready to turn hands disadvantaged. Under the post, many people leave a comment to praise .- "Thank you, just a gold heart is warm enough. "-" People keep saying this brother, that's the same but you're still Do it. Thank you for your heart ".-" It must be collapsed, loves very well. "It was, Thuy Tien was also frankly expressing his perspective as his charity. She said: "This is by self-made, not calling to donations of anyone
So where does your life come, the financial ability I will help come there, hope everyone also shared sympathy It is difficult to hear if I can't help more ".

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