Conocophillips Sell Williston Basin Properties

ConocoPhillips is marketing its potential oil property Williston Basin to sell marketing.Conocophillips estimates that they can collect about $ 200 million for properties in the Williston basin. Illustration. https: //kinhtexaydung.petrotimes

.vnconocophillips It is estimated that they can earn about 200 million USD for properties in the Williston Basin of North Dakota and Montana, who are required to anonymously said because the discussion is particular private. The spokesman for ConocoPhillips, Dennis Nuss declined to comment. The company continuously examined its portfolio to identify businesses that are not able to compete and screen the opportunities to buy and sell assets, The president and executive director Ryan Lance said that in the second quarter II income reporting meeting on March 3, the large oil companies are reducing their assets when they focus on less carbon-use activities
Royal Dutch Shell PLC's portfolio of oil fields in Permian Basin, can be worth up to 10 billion USD, which is supposed to attract potential investors like ConocoPhillips.Https: //kinhtexaydung.petrotimes.vnchivy

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