Consider When Organizing Cultural And Art Festivals

The National Festival said the national 2021 is expected to take place in October in Hai Phong receiving many different opinions. Specifically, after a long-lasting outbreak, Covid-19 pandemic still hidden complicated risks, organizing a national scale art festival at this time was appropriate? 0 : 00/2: 28 Nougo Nuon Vo Kieu was chosen to open the screen for the National Festival in 2018. With artists, the festival is an important occasion to summarize, evaluate and see a stage The creative road has passed. In particular, the most important thing (many people argue that more important awards) are desire to meet, exchange and discuss careers. By the artist, the interaction, will share a lot of time to activate creative ideas that don't lose any special-class seminars

. We can sympathize with the desire. But organizing festival events, artwork for a year that pandemic century several times the outbreaks disrupted every face of life, there will be many points Suitable, it is necessary to consider very carefully. With the National Festival in the country, the direct organization, the prevention and control of diseases for artists and the public is very complex; If an online organization (duty without an audience) is not high
Regarding careers, surely quality is difficult to secure due to the majority of stretching exercise actors, acting skills do not trui often forged regularly, psychology is not good; Many new plays have not been able to stage elaborately, thoroughly. Also, cultural and art events often communicate strongly to attract public attention. In public, quite a lot of subjective, lack of responsibility for themselves and the community despite being at the moment the epidemic can return at any time if he is neglected with prevention and control measures. The incident of many capital people and some other localities poured into the last Mid-Autumn-Festive Playway as an example. As a public, there is a great influence, the artists need to mention the mirror in the prevention and control of epidemic.Tem, urgent activities such as restoring production, business and circulation Chemistry, gradually recovering and developing socio-economic development in a normal new state is the current top priority. Do not organize the machinery for the right period because of "several years ago." There are epidemic), online competitions, focusing on the most fashionable issue today is the war, against Covid-19; Deep clarifying core cultural values such as sharing, the will of resilience does not step back before any difficulty, the spirit of discharging himself for the community ..
, the qualities have brought nation We pass many of the trials of history. Such artworks are extremely necessary and meaning

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