‘continuous Gunfire’ – Afghan Journalist Told The Chaotic Evacuation At Kabul Airport

Afghan journalist Ramin Rahman, 27, recounts the evacuation journey on a flight leaving the country at the International Airport Hamid Karzai, after the Taliban captured the capital Kabul.Ngay Taliban controlled Kabul, journalist Ramin Rahman received a call from a friend in Germany. This person told Rahman to the airport immediately because of possible evacuation aircraft of the German Embassy will take off on that day. Rahman named in the list of evacuation because he worked for a German media outlet and has applied for a visa in the last year. "I do not have time to think

. This is like 'lifeline' for me, a journalist progress, frankly, have tattoos, is fundamentally contrary to what the Taliban representatives. I just bring a laptop and a phone, plus nothing else. I feel fear when leaving the house
Never had I seen so much pressure, "Rahman noi.Moi people crammed into evacuation aircraft. Photo: Ramin RahmanSan in Kabul fly submerged in chaotic loanKhi Rahman to the airport in Kabul, the scene at security checkpoints very different. The police have left and the armed forces are no longer there. Only airport security checks of passengers to sign. "As to the international terminal, I was shocked by the scene in front and began to feel desperate. There are thousands of people, men, women and children who are struggling do not know what to do. They fear the Taliban are on the road ahead. All these people, including foreigners, flocked to the airport without knowing what will happen, "Rahman told journalists at the airport lai.Nhieu people started to panic when he realized that would not have plane for them to leave Afghanistan
Even when they buy tickets, nothing ensures flights will take off. "They were scared and started smashing windows and ticket counter. Since then, the situation becomes worse. I hid in a corner, I was very scared, "Rahman noi.Rahman observe a plane preparing to leave for Turkey. People rushed towards the plane, even clinging to scale up and down in the plane door. The aircraft was quickly overwhelmed, and many people were pushed out to the aircraft can take off. "They shouted that I could hear from inside the airport. 'We want to go, if not we will die', some people shouted. I only know the wait in terror and worry about his fate, "Rahman noi.Khoang 20h30 or 21h, someone shouted that the Taliban are inside the airport. Everyone started screaming and running out of runway. Airport became completely chaotic and nobody can control the situation. Rahman heard gunshots outside the entrance to the airport and think the Taliban seems to have come. "People around me are scared and prayed for the best. Nobody knows what to do. I recall for you in Germany, he said that Germany will not begin evacuation until the next day. This is a terrible message. I began to calculate what to do next, "Afghan told journalists lai.Chuyen evacuation flight left xucMot much later, Rahman saw the American soldiers led a small group to go into military areas in the airport. "This is the land of the Americans and the Taliban will not come here," one soldier told the group of foreigners. Rahman and many others started to run after them. "We constantly heard gunshots close to scary levels. I felt like time stopped. All I heard was urging 'Go fast' of US troops "line noi.Mot Rahman rushed boarding and Rahman followed. There are hundreds of people on the plane and no place to sit, everyone were use.The American pilot said the plane could not move because there are too many people on the plane. "Please go out less", one of the pilots shouted. Then the soldiers came and started to put some people out of the front door and the rear door of the aircraft. "The scene was chaotic on the plane and stress. People pushing each other. I looked at the mother and the newborn baby around and feel guilty. I decided to down the plane, "Journalists remember lai.Tuy Rahman, when Rahman towards the door to leave the plane, some US troops appeared outside on Humvee vehicles. One of the soldiers said Rahman Please stay on the plane by the external situation could be very dangerous. "Then suddenly, US soldiers told the people standing around the door to the plane. This is a unique opportunity. We go inside and they closed the plane again, "Rahman said." I can not look out the window because there is not. Aircraft stand still for about an hour. And then, without a word of notice, the plane began to move and take off, "Rahman said." It's one of the happiest moments. Everyone clapped. We feel very grateful that the US pilots helped takeoff. Everyone has the mentality that they will die if the plane did not depart. We were very happy, "Rahman recalled the moment the plane took off leaving Afghanistan.Chuyen also met a lot of difficult flying

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