Convert Numbers To Open Value In The Enterprise

A new survey published by RMIT University found that SOEs and medium enterprises and small in area 2 of the economy (including manufacturing and construction) are not ready to convert the by now sector 1 (agriculture - forestry - fishery ...) and region 3 (service). Businesses were encouraged first embark on the journey of conversion of opportunities to take advantage of 'gold', opened in joint nghiep

.Bao value statement "Convert number in Vietnam: Survey medium enterprises and small (SMEs) and state-owned enterprise (SOE) "based on the findings from the survey business, personal interviews and group interviews were carried out in 2019-2020 to manage medium to high level at the enterprises operating in Vietnam Nam.Theo experts, converting the process is not purely technology-focused taken. Illustrations hoaNhieu businesses not ready for conversion soGiam Center Director of Digital Excellence (CODE) RMIT University Vietnam - Assoc
Jerry Watkins said SOE leaders and SMEs generally confident and optimistic about the digital transformation as well as needs change their occupations or their businesses in the digital space. However, the results answer in the sector shows that businesses of each zone have slightly different priorities on digital transformation journey. Research shows that, for a few SOEs and SMEs, the main problem they face is the lack of leadership transition knowledgeable so.Cong transformation of SOEs shows, now more focused on internal processes suite to optimize work efficiency. Meanwhile, SMEs to focus more on external factors such as attracting customers to maximize flow and SME sector tien.DNNN 2 (manufacturing, construction ....) Seems not ready to convert the as enterprise sector 1 and sector 3
PGS. Watkins analysis, related to governance capacity conversion, the report shows that managers and business leaders in the area of two strategic transformation of improper or lack of direction, with the level of engagement in business now switch around some fairly low. 2 area businesses have seen negative for investment-oriented data technology and staff also have similar perceptions about the technical background so.Ong Yvanovich Rick - founder and CEO of TRG International said company leaders should ensure that all parts of the business are involved in converting so.Theo his strategy, most people have misconceptions about digital transformation process and sees this as a net drug take-focused technology. Such launching a new mobile app, connect your site with Apple Pay, move data to the cloud are digital initiatives typical. But conversion is not only the set of information technology projects differently. Instead, these projects should be carried out with the efforts of the entire organization and attract the participation and cooperation of all the departments and parts of the business nghiep.Them opinion on this issue, Doan Kieu My - the initiator and founder YellowBlocks urged business leaders move from management methods old to model more dynamic: "I was very surprised when qualitative research indicates that many companies in Vietnam did not understand the nature and purpose of the converted number. Converting numbers is not just about beating out replacement or pure technology, this operation also implies potentially open company culture, organization and operation of enterprises from the focus on the customer. " some important steps to convert the number into congTheo Assoc. Watkins, ambitious transformation beyond the digitized to create the business model completely new and undermine how existing service providers. The objective of converting number is not improved once for the existing process, it should not expect instant results. Instead, the real transformation will the business model innovation and use of operational data and customer data in order to constantly create new value in time according to the expert dai.Cung, succeeded planning and implementation of digital transformation is not simple. Each business will have a different approach and therefore does not have a clear roadmap rang.Dua on research results, the group has proposed a number of important steps to convert some success for companies are eager want to convert and capture some of the advantages that this process gives company ho.Cac this step include: planning (given the previous point; see the overall picture; to enhance the role of data); implementation (call to action; digital pilot; targets and mobilize resources, build capacity both digital and change management capabilities); adjusted (motivational, share and enhance skills; evaluate and adjust plans, continue to monitor the overall picture) According to the experts of the research team, has two critical capabilities businesses need have to convert some successful transformation management capacity and technical capability so.Nang governance cycle

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