Cooperative – ‘his Support’ For Mountainous People, Ethnic Minorities

Cooperatives in mountainous, deep-lying and remote areas have created jobs, creating a linkage and cooperation between member households with production and business establishments, contributing to increasing products and improves Income for highland people ... In 2010, Brocapy Cooperative Hoa Tien (Chau Tien commune, Quy Chau district, Nghe An province) was established. Ms

. Sam Thi Bich, Chairman of Hoa Tien Brocade Cooperative said, before, brocade products are made mainly to serve the needs of the family, do dowry when the daughter goes to her husband's house. The product of the craft village is loved by many people, so her daughter is a slam that has sought to promote Thai broccoli products with the aim of maintaining the traditional Thai brocade weaving profession, and contributing to increased revenue Enter the women here Thai brocade products of Hoa Tien Brocade Cooperative (Quy Chau, Nghe An). From the first products to be marketed as hand-held wallets, animals, scarves, and sandals Cam
... Instead of using only brocade to sew clothes, skirts, she also designed products for interior decoration like paintings, shirts, pillows ... don't stop there, sisters also bring products of cooperatives Introduce to domestic and foreign customers through traditional sales channels, trade fairs, social networks. In addition, she is also a search and connection between cooperatives with shops, museums, domestic and foreign designers ..
to create more orders, from there, create more income for sisters in cooperatives , contributing to covering life. ... and sold in countries such as Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Japan, Laos ... After more than 10 years of formation, 2007 cooperatives are recognized by Quy Chau district as "Village with profession" and 2 years later In 2009 was recognized by Nghe An province as "brocade weaving village". From 1 original cooperative only very few members, then developed and more than 60 participants. Up to now, the cooperative has 150 members with more than 50 mulberry growing members. These workers are not only maintained and kept their own characteristics of Thai people but also built the characteristic OCOP products of Nghe An province. Accordingly, the average income of laborers in the cooperative is increasing, contributing to poverty reduction for villages. From 1 original cooperative only very few members, then developed and showed flower brocade cooperatives Shirts There have been 150 members who help improve the income of laborers in the cooperative, contributing to poverty reduction for villages. In Yen Bai, Mu Cang Chai Organic Agriculture Cooperative is also one of the bright spots in play Development of new cooperatives in the Mu Cang Chai Highlands area. Through cooperatives, people associate the exploitation of natural conditions and key products of localities, contribute capital, contribute to production organizations. To date, cooperatives have nearly 4 hectares of vegetables intercropping fruit trees in organic direction; Breeding 20 sows. With the same, coordinating with the Center for Research and Application of High Technology in Agriculture and Forestry of Agriculture and Forestry University - Thai Nguyen University Planting Tested 0.3 ha of medicinal plants and initially created the model Cultivation, closed livestock concentrated, creating a number of commercial valuable products such as melons of Mong people, fruits, pumpkins, backpacks, borrowers ... are preferred prefer. Bui Thi Hong, the Cooperative Director said: "Currently, cooperatives create regular jobs for 10 members and many local workers with income from 5 to 6 million VND / person / month; Creating over 1,000 days of time labor for the Mong people in the area with an income of 200,000 VND / public, positively contributing to the local poverty reduction and reduction in the locality ". Participating in cooperatives should be transferred, technical guidelines for vegetable care in accordance with production processes, purchasing products at relatively high prices and stability. Accordingly, each year produces 3 crops, with thousands of m2 of families of families, each family income tens of millions / year. Income, many families have escaped poverty, are conditional to buy motorbikes, television .... However, however, people mainly produce vermicelli according to the spontaneous and small model, so the product quality is not equal, so income is not commensurate. 10 members marked a strong transition, organized active members, production increased several times, cooperative member life was also improved. From the establishment, cooperative-oriented cooperatives Production tablets in value chains, production and processing ensure food hygiene and safety. Cooperative forms Dong Rieng material area in Quy Mong commune, Tran Yen district, Yen Bai with the process of planting and natural care, not using chemical fertilizers and plant protection drugs.

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