Coral Dead, Fish Still Live Well

Scientists concluded that corals and fish formed a loop loop, slowly putting on equilibrium. When coral reefs are damaged, the number of fish is bulging. This leads to a low level of peeling due to scorpion, creating the best opportunity for recovery corals. When coral reefs returned to healthy, the number of fish was declined. The first time, I went to the market outside of Van Gia, Khanh Hoa, saw the big fish, with beautiful blue, just standing Know what fish

. A kind of kind woman said into her ear: What to do, bust, bad meat. At that time, I just remembered my cheek: "Fish groudy eat, fish fish eat". That cheek said I was young
Cheeks explained: "I am those uncle, you have very rich, there are money to eat grouper. And fish with bad meat, who gutter everyone to eat, so people say dog fish eat ". My cheek story says the time of the ocean while Thanh Tan, and rich and cracked poured walls. OTHER OTHERING, I saw a fish "running" on the separation of Tran Phu street (Old is Duy Tan), home The page, closer to the bridge of the same name of the road, has a lot of blue fish, just watching it, because it is more beautiful than grouper. She sells invites. I said: "Fishes eat, buy what to do!" Sisters of long fresh fish: "Now people don't eat, get dogs eat!" By now, the ocean mother saw the "loving" with his animals. The sweet sour cooking is one of the favorite dishes of many people. Photo: T.L.The mu, it is expensive to store the road to the end of the road, then when it is also eating fish, it is only
.. dogs eat. The blue fish is quite large. The fruit is the meat that has just been crowned and just. It is not really a criterion to criticize fish is not delicious. Meat meat is also supposed, but belongs to the type of goods "Khanh General", Cho Tong Party. Crispy fried macksuits, or cooking porridge, what is delicious, its meat is more sweet than other toughened fish. My meat hasn't sweeten anything. Only a fat head, a structural thing: soft meat, crispy cartilage, dai tendon. It is true that compared to grouper like notes with dogs. Understanding why Hue people call fish a snail fish. In the Cooking Teaching in the real poetry, Ms. Truong Dang Thi Bich, the daughter-in-law of poet Tung Thien Vuong, has the formula for "fragrant cooking fish": snails, fragrant, hiking, / Contemporary Freshly washed cooked quickly, / Roasted salt with a sediment, / diners down to the end of the cilantro. The world environment 5-6-2021 I was new or alarms about the exhaustion of this fish Because they have merit contributing to the toxicity for corals. In response to them, I tried from the "fish meat" to the Google finder, as a result of 436,000. Find deeper, there are 17 out of 19 pages with information about fish dishes. So please keep the spirit of money, let "eat dog fish". Intimate, so far, science still doesn't know the thoroughness of this fish line, especially the lines of algae in coral Help breathing and grow corals (?). However, in Vietnam, wrasse and parrotfish fish are collectively called fish, because they are reef. And our people from several decades have recovered "dignity" for them. Considering the fish is a grip. Talking for fairness, fish meat points only on average. But today, when many things are exhausted, many people praise it as a delicious fish. The market is still selling a large blue fish, small sandy fish, also called cat blades. Fishes have a more scarce root, the price is only a few times the green fish. Aquaculture research 2 has just implemented the topic "Exploiting the genetic source of Cheilinus Undulatus for sustainable development". This bet in English is a Humphead Wrasse - Fish tumor head, located in the red book of IUCN. This type is not a "scorpion", but only eating abdominal animals, as well as burning animals , Nhum, crustaceans and fish. In order to eat meat, it has the ability to hold the animal to hit the stone. The coral is a parrotfish, especially the Humphoread Parrotfish - a tumor head, not enough data to arrange at risk. To distinguish, we temporarily call the "scorpion" fish as a parrot. Because it has a parrot breeding chimmer so the West looks like that, it is a parasitic species with a reef. They specialize in algorescence on the coral. The story of this fish is very interesting. In order to not eat it anymore, thought should also know about its life. The parrot was close to wrasse fish, including more than 30 species, choose coral reefs as a homeland. Some species are 1.2m long. It is possible to tell the five attractive properties of the creatures by the Vietnamese people: the parrot fish are always sleeping in the roof. Before going to bed every night parrot fish made a transparent sleeping bag with mucus released from the lines in the bearing. It is this viscosity that makes fish a smell heavy. It helps them not only avoid "aphids" - invertebrates - sticking to themselves when they sleep, which conceals their "incense" from night hunters like Moray and sharks. Eat a lot and soon. There are some species that only prefer to eat algae on coral. With the mine without losing ... scooping, it can waist at the speed of 20 hours per minute. Such scoops include algae and coral stones, so what goes into all must come out. If you swam bamboo

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