Corps When I Go Back To My Mother

Somehow, just heard the warm voice, the optimistic spirit of her charming mother, I felt a lot better. Finally, I decided to go home with my family 1 week of 1 week of: 00/5: 09nam in the middle of the mate, decided to say goodbye to hero after nearly 3 years of attachment. I don't know from ever, I always feel like our love "die slowly", no longer alcohol when one of the two must go on business, no longer remember to "lose insomnia" when Angry, there is no longer when there is an error with each other. After nearly 1 week of "tu" in the room, I find it necessary to go somewhere to get out of the city where there are evoking about Hung.- or her home I stayed with my mother a few days for your head and brain

. Where, quiet time, living in Thanh Binh countryside, did you have the right choices and decisions? Or at least, she did not work in suffering like this, suggested with college, me and charm in the inn. Although other schools, other countryside, is just a neighbor to work but we are very suitable and close. Dad lost early, her mother was a teacher
From the date the father died, Mother Qin algae raised two sisters to learn. From the day of the day of sisters to school, go to work, the parent of fostering universities should be better. Later to school, I and the coast to choose the city to rent a small collective apartment, moved together. Then I love Hung, Duyen also has a lover. To avoid inconvenience, the two sisters decided to "stay separately" but every week, still take advantage of lunch, dark coffee together. In this unfamiliar city, I and I died together, watching each other like the intestines. I am silent, don't say anything, I urge: - You, you're going home with my mother! Later with my mother, I know where you are actively transmitted. Every time I'm tired or feel disappointed something, go back to my mother a few days, I am like being relayed and regaining life energy. Let me call my mother. Say, don't let me react, gracefully pick up your mother
On the other side, the mother's voice is happy, excited. The kind of charming "trafficking" with her mother, that I am like a "flat shadow so it needs to be blown energy" ... the other side of the wire, the charming mother laughing ha: "Popularly, my princesses ! Later here, come here with my mother! Both of them ask for a few days ago, Mother guarantees, she will turn the lives of children into heaven. Go, tomorrow! "... Duyen told Mother that it could not take a leave immediately, so I would convince me to go first, and then I will ask for the 6th day later. Charming mother's voice excitedly: "told me to go back to my mother, take trees, gardening with my mother, there is no time that's sad". , I feel a lot more warm. Finally, I decided to go home with my charming mother. There should be, these times, if I don't travel somewhere with friends, I'll go home. But I know, if I go to my hometown, my story will make your parents mind more. *** I go to the night train, early morning arrived at the charm. Welcoming me, not only a charming mother but the group of her friends. I just played the backpack into the gate, there was a uncle ran to the place to welcome: "I said, you are charming? Come here! Don't go tired? You still wait for me to eat breakfast! She is the flower, you are flowers Ms. Dao, mother charm. This morning, she appealed to each other out of coffee to eat breakfast but she told me to play, so the group decided to prepare a breakfast at home to welcome precious guests "... I Take your friend's friend's friend. At this moment, the charming mother from the kitchen ran out to embrace me: "Night to sleep a noisy train to sleep at any time? Go to the room to the clothes, wash your limbs to reaze and go to breakfast. Hot pho, finished drinking tea is back now! "Add a housekeeper, in addition to the charming mother, Ms. Hoa, also Ms. Ngoc and Ms. Tu. The excitement, fun, enthusiasms and friendliness made me feel like I'm in my house ... the house of the mother is not large, lies a gentle on a hill, connecting space with the space Another house is a cool garden, labels, mangoes, dreams, plums and peaches. Fourth-grade house built modern style with 2 main spaces, 2 chambers are charmed by delicate, simple, beautiful as a mountain town homestay. In particular, spacious garden space, planting lots of flowers, covered with roofs and outdoor dining tables that make us feel like being drawn and Thien Thien. Just looking at the space, enough to know how the house of the house loves her life and a clever. Mother mentioned, when she died, she was sad, she was not so unquestionary, when she was always u, depression. Then she fell ill because of a weakness. Looking at her gracefully hugging each other crying, she realized, letting her down in a suffering feeling was sorry for the children. So she wiped her eyes, herself. She rushed into work, put all the feelings for children. The sad times, she found fun in decorating the house, rearranging the living space so that the charming sisters could always feel comfortable and warm when at home. She guarded sadness, living optimism, loving her life. Large graceful sisters, go to college and go to work, despite retiring, living alone but her small house is never very crowded and always crowded and laughing. Never, n

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