Couple An Old One Child Fighting Between The Commercial Center, The Cause Of People

The girl not only scolded but also rushed to beat his boyfriend than right at the commercial center, causing a disturbance of a corner of the 19: 00/1: 54 South Vietnam on the past 3 July, The couple fights at the commercial center in Shijiazhuang, Hubei Province, China, causing a stir of the country. Accordingly, due to the Sunday, the number of people to the commercial center is very crowded, many couples also enlist shopping, including a young girl and older boyfriend.Ban first step into the middle The commercial center, the old one of this young couple is still very affectionate, hand in his hand happily smiling. However, when the couple entered a clothing store, the incident happened ./ Girl liked a dress and told the staff at the store that she wanted to try them

. After trying, she felt that dress was very suitable for me, so I wanted to buy, but instead of putting my own money myself, the girl came to her older boyfriend and did myself to buy my dress for me. Of the dress up to 1,800 currency (more than 6.3 million), the man turned gently told his girlfriend: "It's very expensive, I don't buy it
" Hearing that, the girl's face suddenly turned sharp and the two sides controversed. Girls beat her boyfriend over age at the commercial center.Theo girl, boyfriend more than older Should certainly have money to pay these items. If he was so poor that there was no money to buy a girl's girlfriend, it shows that he is "animal swap", without a bravery to take care of the life of his girlfriend later. At the peak when the girl scolded her boyfriend with difficult words to listen to and rushed into his beating right at the commercial center. Even, she was swing, pulled her boyfriend's shirt, causing a corner of a corner. The man was pulled by a girl's girlfriend. The job after posting on social networks quickly attracted Attention of public opinion, most people feel indignant with the girl's actions. Some people commented: "Expanding to buy, he rushes into his boyfriend. Why don't she give your own money to buy "," Making money is not simple, she should consider closer to spending money and should not depend too much on lover
"Phuong An

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