Couple Do Not Give Birth, To Save Cat Dogs Criticized

The two national and Uyen couple do not give a baby to take the time to take care of more than 300 cat dogs. This important decision is to think about it for a long time, but do not dare to say, 00/2: 36 nam southern heads, Uyen as says her animal love comes from family because everyone is loved dogs and cats. Besides, after knowing and participating in the cat's dog rescue station, the more she feels loving them than. The cat rescue for cats has been implemented over the past seven years but this is just a joy Her dream. The main job of Uyen is currently trading the pet products and wedding party decorations like

. Photo: Jetchi to take care of pets to be as called from sponsors and money from its own family. She was happy to luck because there was a family who understood, sympathy for this work and they also contributed to maintaining the fund for this cat dog. Silver but with all the love for cats of cats, it can be broken
She watched her rescue stations like a kindergarten, she would play the role of Hien and her husband will play a fierce shoulder to take care of each other and teach cats and dogs. Both spouses but still inevitably contradictory or quarreling for cats. At the same time, the National Day was scolding pets because of naughty, as naughty as the spaulic strength, regarding nothing. But in the country, Quoc Khanh said that since taking care of cat dogs, the love he received From the more wife and go. He said it was no different from the couple who was tingling a small child. I think you don't give birth to take the time to take care of Uyen's cat dogs like the group since she took over the animal rescue station seven years ago. That point, every day she received about 10, 20 messages in which some families had a small child, they would give up the pet away because they would be afraid they would greatly affect their children later. Abandoned for a long time as a heavy stress leads to analior with children. The latter thought of her newly understood how to look at my previous day, because the parents wanted to better protect their children's lives. Widely transmitted, she received a lot of negative feedback that made her extremely sad, especially on social networks
Mostly said that her husband and wife was infertile, the rest said both of the children were inefficient with their parents. When I read the words of talking about themselves, she cried a lot but the National Day encouraged: "Don't think much, my life, I'm happy enough". I heard the story of the couple Khanh and Uyen Nhu, MC Thanh Van and Doctor of Psychology Ly Thi Mai all overdo and admire about the animal love heart of both. Besides, they also have the same view that must respect thinking of Quoc Khanh and Uyen like.Trailer Perfect Puzzle Piece set 36. Source: Jet Perfect transplantation set 36 will be a fairly strange story that has caused a lot of arguments to argue of the national and Uyen couple as. Program Broadcast at 19 hours 35 tonight, November 26 on VTV9.

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