Covid-19 Busy Shipper

Since translation of Covid-19 complicated developments, people have to limit the road, so most urban people have chosen online shopping forms to avoid spreading the disease. Therefore, vocational shipper (freight) also became busy over.02 / 1: 21 south in the context of translation, COVD-19 Shipper became an important chain in the supply chain between selling channels Retail and consumers. Because of the shop to eat people turn to order online and Shipper will bring to the place. As a result, online sales become popular and shipper orders thereby increasing

. Every day the center of Thanh Hoa Shipper receives nearly 100 applications for customers.Shipper Ho Van Tien (Fast Delivery Center, Tong Duy Tan Street, Thanh Hoa City) Every day transport about 50 orders. , anti-epidemic Covid-19, shipping units, delivery people as well as customers comply with wearing masks and keeping safe distance when delivering goods
Car delivery time translation, disease plus weather harsh words on the morning to 6-7 pm but many shipper still enlist every hour with the desire to have more income. Make sure to rest while waiting for the menu of the guest. The time through the needs of food and drinks growing. The shipper technology usually works out of power on the peak hours of noon and the evening. Sunny or rain every difference is required to be the shipper technology again. More, ever, Shipper profession becomes Busy and popular in seasonal season

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