Covid-19 Cases Of The Day In Australia Broke Every Record

Only in the state of the hot spot of epidemic is New South Wales, August 21, recorded 825 new cases and this is the highest daily infection number across the country from the beginning of 200:00 / 1: 46 NAM SOUTH 21/8, New South Wales state of Australia confirmed 825 cases of Covid-19 in the community, including at least 96 cases of disease but not isolated and has 3 deaths. This is not only the highest number of daily cases recorded in New South Wales, but also a record high numerous nationwide since the epidemic occurs in Australia so far. Besides, today is also the fourth quarter of Australia's most populous state with more than 600 new cases every day. The police checked out the purpose of the people in Sydney. Photo Brook Mitchell Characteria Super Infection of Delta Variation and the lack of consciousness to comply with disease prevention rules are considered to be the cause of epidemic constantly spreading in New South Wales, especially at 12 hotspots translated Diseases in the Sydney area expanded, although the area has now entered the 4th grade in this situation, this situation, the local government has issued a variety of more stringent translation control measures

. Accordingly, starting on August 23, the premiere effective from 21h to 5 hours will be applied to 12 hot spots. In addition, people are only out of the house to exercise for a maximum of 1 hour and do not go away from home for more than 5km. This hardenment has been given because many people do not fully abide by regulations Translation room
The New South Wales government said, on August 19, the state police decided to fin to the 14,000 AUD for 4 men after discovering these people going "exercise" at 2am, including 3 The "exercise" person in a place is about 10km away from the place where the local government, only in July, New South Wales police have recorded more than 6,800 fines for Vi cases. Pham regulating the translation room, with a total fine of up to 5 million AUD./.Hu Tien / VOV-Australia

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