Covid-19 Hinders Southeast Asian Economic Recovery

Expert judecicly failed in preventing Covid-19 pandemic prevents the recovery of many Southeast Asian economies.0: 00/2: 13 nuoc nghiep Sean Darby, economic expert at the bank Private Jefferies (USA), on July 20, told CNBC that Indonesia as well as some ASEAN economies still didn't really control Covid-19 pandemic. Goldman Sachs Investment Bank recently lowered the forecast of growth in 2021 for major economies in Southeast Asia when the Delta variant caused a number of new records a day at Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand Lan in the past weeks.Indonesia has officially extended limited measures to date on July 25 and will gradually eased from July 26 if the number of cases began to decline. The number of cases continuously revolves around 50,000 cases daily in the past week, bringing the total infection to more than 2

.9 million while the number of deaths due to Covid-19 translation over 1,000 people on the 5th day of the consecutive week 20- 7. The restaurant in Singapore is only sold since July 22, photos: The Straits TimesChilding the number of new incidence in the community, Singapore tighten Covid-19 translation measures from day 22 -7 to 18-8. Singapore raises a warning level when there are 182 cases of new cases on July 20, this is the third consecutive day that this country recognizes the new rise in the number of cases in the community
The authorities said while The impositional imposition of strict measures since May seems to be a big step back, Singapore is still continuing the route living with Covid-19 pandemic. According to Straits Times, strengthening the measure of epidemics to help Singapore have more time to achieve the goal of two-thirds of the full vaccination population on the National Day 9-8.The Thai Medical Day 21- 7 Recognize the number of record cases of 13,002, bringing the total number of cases to more than 439,000 while the total number of deaths is up to 3,610 after an additional 108 cases in the past 24 hours. The number of new cases continues to increase in the context of the Thailand has extended the national emergency in the whole country for another 2 months to September 30.The Indian Health on July 21 said there was an additional 3,998 people died of Covid -19, the highest level since June 12, raised the total number of deaths to 418,480 while the total number of cases of infections was over 31.2 million.

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