Covid-19: President Putin Is Self-isolation

Kremlin announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin will be self-isolation after at least one person who has contacted him positive for Covid-19. In the announcement on September 14, the Kremlin confirmed Mr. Putin will have to Self-isolation and cancellation Visit Tajikistan upcoming. In Tajikistan's Emomali Rahmon, Putin said: "Because of the recent Covid-19 infection, I have to follow themselves Ly in a certain time ". The Russian President will still appear in video meetings

. Vladimir Putin President Bashar Al-Assad on September 13. Photo: REUTER 1 day, Putin welcomed Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad in Moscow for the first time since 2015 and criticized foreign forces in Syria without the authorization of the Union National (UN). The meeting took place in the condemnation of the US and Turkey
The Russian air force volume played an important role in redirection of conflict in Syria in the direction of Assad. After bringing the troops to the country in 2015, Russia helped the Syrian President to regain most territories from the rebel army. However, the important areas of Syria are still out of control. The Turkish troops stationed in most of the northern and northwestern provinces of Syria, the last big maintenance of the rebels while the US forces were present in the East and Northeast region controlled by the Kurd. Mr. Assad, who was backed by Iran in the conflict, rarely left Syria since the civil war took place in 2011.Theo Kremlin, Putin told Mr. Assad that foreign forces were present in Syria Not according to the UN requirements is an obstacle to the consolidation of this country. The Russian President also congratulated the co-acmerced co-accepted the fourth President period last May.

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