Covid-19: Thailand Is About To Reopen Four Border Gates With Cambodia

The border will be reopened at the Standing Stations of Khlong Luek-Poi Pet, Ban Khao Din-ban Km13 and cross-border trade points Prue-Malai Ban Nong Ban, Ta Phraya-ban bueng Ta Kuan. People People wear a mask of Covid-19 translation room in Bangkok (Thailand). (Photo: THX / TTXVN) will have four border gates at the Thailand-Cambodia border are reopened on December 16 if the Coven-19 Coven-19 Center of the Government (CCSA) and the Government Cambodia adopted. The rebounded day was assigned in a meeting on November 25 between the head of Thai Sa Kaew province with Cambodian partners. World will be reopened at four locations, including check stations Standing for Khlong Luek-Poi Pet and Ban Khao Din-ban Km 13 and cross-border trade points Ban Nong Prue-Malai and Ta Phraya-ban bueng Ta Kuan

. At the meeting, Thailand recommended the history Labor welcomes Cambodian workers are looking for jobs to cut sugarcane in the border of Sa Kaew and isolated them at sugarcane plantations. After completing the job, employers can notify the relevant agencies before moving employees to other areas. Thailand will also allow 3,000 sellers in Cambodia to trade at the market
Nong Kluea daily, as long as they strictly comply with Covid-19 prevention measures. Government agencies in Sa Kaew province will launch a vaccination in the province to create areas without Covid-19 and improve efforts to prevent the spread of disease ./. (Vietnam)

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