Covid-19, The Nightmare Of The Hair Industry And Makeup

Pandemic has caused millions of people around the world to lose their jobs. Most of the makeup experts and free hair stylists, because Covid-19, fully closed their store chain.0: 00/3: 15 male hairdresses and professional makeup including work Direct contact with customers, which the whole world is prohibiting to block the spread of the virus. Now, experts in the industry are forced to manage to keep both passion and source of income. Wedding makeup 'freezing' is completely because of Covid-19 life of makeup and hair stylists Significantly changed because Covid-19emily Dimant, a free Makeup Specialist in Philadelphia, did not work since mid-March last year

. Her main job was the bride makeup, but now, Covid-19 makes her almost desperately desperate.Emily Dimant is not the only one unemployed since Covid-19 spread. Molly Fredenberg, a free makeup specialist based in New York City, said: 'I lost all my work in just a few hours
The current life is the worst nightmare of liberal workers, especially in an expensive city like New York'.Covid-19 is threatening the future of freelance workers for specialists Freedom and hair stylists (especially those who are not based in a large center like New York City), tourism is often an important part of their career. There was a weekly performing schedule in Houston, but was canceled because the epidemic outbreak. Kayleigh Irene Feidler, a hair dye working in Louisville, Kentucky and Los Angeles, often flying across the country once a month to work until Covid-19 causes both travel and work into an impossible thing ... she explained: 'I had to cancel a lot of trips back to LA And this is like a really harsh hit for the motivation that I have been while building your business. The Freedom of Makeup Genn Shaughnessy lives in New York City said Kinh job Her business was completely stagnant because of Covid-19. Shaughnessy said: 'Now I'm a mother at home and can't work. I hired a retail site and a makeup studio space needed to pay the cost, but now, my income is almost by zero
No answer the question 'when normal life Will come back? 'Makeup and Hairdressing Planning for a Uncertain Future For Freedoms such as Makeup Expert and Hairstyers, Planning for the future can make They feel too much. Shaughnessy shared: 'I spent time isolation to complete your taxes and sign up for the SBA disaster relief loan with the unemployment insurance of New York' state. For others, Covid- 19 There are no signs that can make them feel unable to plan anything. 'When can we start making money back? And after all this ends, how do I make sure that people have any needs, less or more? ... "- Those are the questions that make people in the headache. They acknowledge I am completely assisted in the future. The worker needs to make the right decision for your health and work people who do other liberal jobs are trying to find light rays at the end of the tunnel and think of the trails Extremely in the future. However, almost every makeup and hair stylist experts have a final concern - it is not an income or scheduled job, but health as well as The safety of themselves, customers and their loved ones. 'When it comes to the future, I wait patiently without intending to book for customers until the salons are allowed to reopen . I have to make the right decision for your health and business', Shaughnessy said. See more videos are of interest:

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