Covid-19: Those Who Left Ba Dinh House, Hoan Kiem About Living Between Nature

He is very satisfied, feeling like a longevity from the day selling townhouses Nguyen Chi Thanh (Ba Dinh district, Hanoi City), moving on Ecopark to live between nature.0: 00/5: 52 South Vietnam When he returned to Ecopark in: "He wants to live here until the end of his life" nearly 80 years old, he is satisfied when he sells Ba Dinh's house to move to Ecopark. Sharing tools, old days, drawers in Nguyen Chi Thanh Street (Ba Dinh); Son, daughter, grandchildren was around the house. Every week, the grandchildren took the grandparents to compress the incense, eat with the meal and then. Friends meal meals, half a month passed with tea cups, hitting the pitcher and then left

. Everything is flashy for 1-2 hours. Living in the center of the city, close to each other but it is far away and lonely. From the day to move on Ecopark, every week I also come to play with 2-3 days
Here, children their likes, spoiled to run park jumps, play with swans, with rabbits throughout the summer. Particularly, the old man through plays too much, he must have a small book with a pocket to remember each person's calendar. From here here, there is no need to invite, no need to remind, your child, friends about playing regularly. Old in the city center, although close to each other, it looks away, since the day here is a bit apart, but it's a bit apart. From the day about Ecopark, insomnia and osteoarthritis pain. Around the tool, it is also a park, so the 2nd day is busy, instructing a few rounds of walking between nature, the feeling of going to live a dozen years old. Remembering the old days in the city center, around a suffocating concrete house, he must walk the new kilometer to the park, sometimes tired, all weeks are only around the house. "In particular, here The gas is very clean, the day he also experimented with his hand in the cabinet and the tables and chairs, there was no dust. Here, it is healthy, he only wants to live here until the end of his life, "said Https: //
com/watch? V = 53ztncig8L0 Ecopark residents: Leaving Hoan Kiem, Ba Dinh with Nature is the best decision to the present time Lan Lan May (27 years old) owns a 47m2 apartment in Ecopark. The decision to move out the suburbs to make friends and families unexpectedly when many people only go into the city center; And the young girl went against the office of the suburbs, looking back to nature. Nearly a year of living in the area along the area, she gradually demonstrates that everyone's decision is true. From the day about Ecopark, Clouds no longer slept to be baked, likes to run along the lake every morning from the day about Ecopark live, Her lifestyle changed positively. Her husband was also unexpected because his wife was no longer "grilled" and got up regular exercise every morning. The family area has many green trees, the park, has a regulating lake over 50ha, so the temperature is always lower than outside 2-3 degrees. Noi district also has full utilities from supermarkets, schools at all levels, cinemas, commercial centers, entertainment town so they don't always feel sad. From day here, she has many couples The moment together, breathe fresh air, watching flowers or swans and swan birds, ducks are soaked in the lake. "This is also the reason I am willing to exchange the time to get fresh living space, many green trees in the capital tens of kilometers. Every day, I just want to quickly complete the job to go home," girl Young said. This year, Anh Dong Huy couple also left the house in Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi to Ecopark. "Many people asked why we had to walk like that while everyone wished to live in the center. We accept between nature to have a fresh living environment for children," he said. , the urban land fund is getting cramped, lacking to play space for children. In apartment buildings, most of the common courtyard area is used to develop car, motorbike or bars. There is no outdoor play space, children are restrict with limited space, making friends and entertainment with technology equipment such as television, telephone, tablet ... from the day to the suburbs, the son 6-year-old boys have a green park, a wide air-conditioning lake to relax. The British House stay has a diverse international school system. Every morning, you got up to eat breakfast and ride to school. Tan school, the children bike home. The cool green road is shady with the tree, absent from person to go back and forth, so you don't have to worry about 2 children to school. The children in Ecopark often cycle to go to school, do not need parents to welcome it, the whole family invited each other walks around the urban area. The summer children are also going to catch, catch beetles, join astronomical class with friends in urban areas. Thanks to getting up earlier, your family has enough time to exercise in the morning, breakfast talking together, having fun closely - the things that this man is less seen before. "Important is that my parents' health improved," he said. Transferring the suburbs to see a trend going on in social life. According to experts, the implications from urbanization are as fast as environmental pollution, noise, flooding, traffic jams ... making people need to move to places with fresh and close living space With nature. Hoai Hoai, Ms. Clouds or Anh Huy is

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