Covid-19, Thousand And One Dishes Are Varied From Cold Rice

The days of distance ways, many people have taken advantage of cold rice to process countless dishes that are unique and delicious, so as good as the food restaurant.0: 00/5: 46 Nouthern southern seasons through several seasons , When the restaurant is closed, the sisters even though there is a few hours ago, it gradually became a real chef of the family. From simple items to complex dishes, you can process. Not only that, she also takes advantage of materials available to create many extremely new and unique dishes. It's not delicious but delicious, I don't know Vu Thi My Hanh (26 years old) to take advantage of excess cold rice To process Korean Tokbokki rice cakes

. She said it was rarely for the kitchen, thanks to a break, so there was a chance to cook more. "I am a snack, this translator doesn't open the door so I have to treat themselves. The rice cake from this cold rice for the first time
Although the time to look at the whole practice, it did not expect the results to succeed out of fantasy. My whole family, everyone also compliments delicious and told that across the Korean eateries "- Ms. Hanh excitedly breeze. Ms. Hanh's Korean standard rice cake is unexpectedly made from Vietnamese cold rice Male. Photo: NVCCChu Hanh also shared about how to make delicious Korean rice cakes. First, she crushed her meals and mixed the powder in and stuffed until it formed a uniform, smooth and non-stick block. Next, she divided the rice blocks and stuffed into small parts that liked and circled each piece of flour, rolling all hands to form long fibers. Finally, chopping the powder into the soaring stars. It also said that the rice cake from the cold rice can be cooked with chili sauce and fish, sausage, cabbage or spicy stir-fried rice cakes , Tokbokki hotpot is very delicious
Another convenient way is to fry yellow cakes and sprinkle with cheese powder to eat. Tokbokki made of cold rice, unused can be stored in the fridge's freezer to eat gradually. "This translation places a little flour, then what does the house take it. Thinking of everything to cook is also happy, the children at home can be entertained by assisting snacks, because the house is so charcoal at home so bored "- Ms. Hanh Khang. Nguyen Ngoc Yen Nhi (22 years old) also uses cold rice remaining to process the Hoang Kim pearl milk tea after watching Tiktok. Simple manipulation and easy material to find, only one cup of rice cool, a half-half-powdered cup, black sugar and little filtered water. Long time not to drink milk tea so I tried to do it. "First I gave cold rice and some water filtered into the blender to grind, then mix with the flour and stuffed for fine powder, no longer sticking hands. Next came to the powder into small rounds and then boiled with boiling water. Finally, the powdered powder with a mixture of caramel sugar is going to become a soft and soft gold pearl. With these pearls we can process many dishes such as Pearl Milk Tea, Black Pearl Fresh Milk, Pearl Pearl Yogurt or served with Flan cake is also very delicious "- Children share. Also processing the unique crucible pearl milk tea. Photo: NVCCCalayed, she also leds the cold rice to turn into a fried soup cake that looks fancy. In this dish, raw materials also include cold rice, power powder and chicken eggs. Without a blender, the cook can give the rice cold into the plastic bag and then smoothly. Next, she put the flour to stuffing until she no longer stuck her hand, then rolled the powder into a long stalk while eating. Finally, she boiled the cooked cake and pulled out into the ice to the ice to horrors, then stir-fried With chicken eggs. These soup fibers can also be cooked with water, radish, carrots to make bone soup cakes like the shopping cake. I love you to look simple but eat quite well. Photo: NVCC "Actually the first time I cooked would definitely not be as delicious as a long-five-year-old announcement, moreover was very lacking of raw materials, the house was cooked. However, eating dishes because their own hands will feel interesting. At thestity of such a long time, practicing to cook strangles to help me feel very happy and excited, "Yen Nhi expressed a novelty eatration from the" old frayed "raw materials. Novelty, eating very happy like Ms. Duong Gia Han's rice rice (25 years old). Ms. Han shared his image of his burning rice on a personal page with a few funny states: "On the occasion of I make a delicious fire in the armpit, I posted here to call everyone to eat for fat Chung, fat alone ".Theo, I also share how to make a very simple cotton rice. Materials made this dish in addition to cold rice, only need to manage, rub and onion. She gave the rice rice to cool enough into a ball that had spread the oil inside, then rushed a little crushed so that the rice was not caused, then rolled into a moderate piece. According to Hân's experience, do not roll too much because when she fried up the rice, it was dry, instead of a slight slightly

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