Covid-19 Vaccine Fund-19: Exported 143 Billion Vnd To Buy Vaccines

The Fund Management Board said that on August 11 exported a paying fund of VND 143 billion to purchase vaccines and the existing fund balance was VND 8,426 billion.02: 00/4: 08 Division of the Vietnam Fatherland Front of Vietnam The tower receives support from organizations and units with a total amount of nearly VND 200 million in the afternoon of August 9. (Photo: Chapter Radio / TTXVN) According to the Covid-19 Vaccine Fund Management Board, up to 17:00 on August 12, the Covid-19 Vaccine Fund balance is VND 8,569 billion (including converted foreign currency), of 513.201 Organizations and individuals participating in contributing.Ban fund management said the 11th anniversary exported VND 143 billion to purchase vaccines and existing fund balances of VND 8,426 billion

. According to the Ministry of Finance Cave to support the Vaccine fund is very effective, received a large amount of support. This is an important resource for the Ministry of Health to buy and vaccinate for people and communities. Now until the end of the year, according to the plan will inject 75 million people and resources need about VND 25,200 billion; In particular, the budget has been prepared for more than 14,000 billion dong and needs an additional 11,000 billion dong
Financial Ministry has coordinated with the VACCINE Fund Web site building units, information about the funds opened on this site. .Theo, the amount of organizations and individuals sent to will be notified and sends receipts immediately, the information is displayed right in the day, publicity every person, each support ... /. Full list Enough account to receive the Covid-191 Vaccine Fund. Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock Bank (TPBank) Account name: Quy Vac Xin Phong Covid 19stk: 84 123456789 (VND); 84 223456789 (USD); 84 333456789 (EUR) 2. Foreign Trade Joint Stock Bank (Vietcombank) Account name: Quy Vac-Xin Phong, Chong Covid-19stk: 2019002019 (VND); 2019662019 (USD); 2019882019 (EUR) 3. NN bank

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