Covid-19 Vaccine Fund-19 Spent 197 Billion Dong To Buy Vaccines, The Balance Is Vnd 8,429 Billion

According to the State Treasury, as of August 18, the Covid-19 Vaccine Fund spent 3 vaccines with a total amount of VND 197 billion. Currently, fund balances are VND 8,429 billion; The total number of organizations and individuals contributed to 519,155, 18: 00/2: 18nam Northern foreigners living, studying and working in Ho Chi Minh City injecting vaccines in the early vaccine in August. Photo: Xuan Zone / TTXVN. However, there are still 13 units that have committed to sponsoring but have not transferred money or have only been transferred in part with the amount of nearly VND 36 billion. The Covid-19 Vaccine Fund Management Board is continuing to urge donors soon transfer money to the Fund

. The unused idle capital of the Fund is deposited at large commercial banks, with the capacity according to the principle of bidding competing interest rates. The entire proceeds to enter the fund to support and finance the purchase and imports of vaccines, research and production of domestic vaccines and use the Covid-19 room vaccine according to regulations. Complex why Vietnam's economy has many difficulties but many units, enterprises and individuals still try to join hands, medical supplies and protective equipment and masks for the route force Intension of epidemic
Next to deploy social security chains to support local prevention and control of Covid-19, recently, Vietcombank continues to finance VND 5 billion to support the work prevention and control of Covid-19 In Binh Duong province. With this support, Binh Duong province is committed to using the right purpose, ensuring social security policies, taking care of life for people and workers in the area in difficulties due to Covid- Translation- 19. According to Vietcombank, in addition to the above funding, from the beginning of 2021 up to now, 5 Vietcombank branches in Binh Duong province have donated support for Covid-19 epidemic prevention funds with a total amount of more than 2.2 billion Copper. The City of the City People's Council (TP) Ho Chi Minh has received 200,000 protective suits and medical masks supported by Van Thinh Phat Group. At the Fatherland Front Committee (Fatherland Front) Ho Chi Minh City, the Board of Mobilization, Reception and Distribution Fund Prevention and Control Coven-19 Cities have received 10 cars County 29 seats, Hyundai brands With a total value of VND 10 billion supported by BRG Group and Seabank Group, Covid-19.Ving in Dong Thap, Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Dong Thap province has received VND 5 billion and Artifacts from businesses to support Covid-19 Covid-19 Accordingly, Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Vietinbank) supports VND 5 billion, Phuong Trang Group supports 50 oxygen generators, 100 SpO2 devices worth VND 1.8 billion ..
Minh Phuong / News instant

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