Covid-19’s Belt: Don’t Lose When Not Using Brands

Strategic strategy in this scene is essential. Young people do not need to see losses when not using brands, maps to 9: 00/7: 59nam southern.Names 1: Covid's belt: 'Clutter CO is warm, a problem is posed Before the pandemic occurred there were many young people who lived wastefully. So why young people are too hand? The question has been sent to THS Psychology Le Minh Huan - Lecturer of Ho Chi Minh City University of Education.Theo Huan, good or bad action has the important contribution of thoughts and awareness

... long gradually form the corresponding habits
The lack of control or "too hands" too, can be seen in many angles and affects the diversity of agents such as: Personal feeling and enjoyment: Once too high In your own contact or according to the "sexualism", individuals are easy to satisfy the satisfaction of love, pampering material emotions, by spending money but still thinking, showing off. - Lack of skills Expenditure management: Managing money, managing revenues - only is an extremely important skill. A person who knows how to calculate the calculation, then a co-spends must bring any value, how to collect it from it and when it should spend, it is always out, always control "balance" In the account, it can be not much money but will live comfortably and less lack of condition. In contrast, because of the lack of money management, many people pay for a dong, using two three dongs, month by the past year, year period, debt growing debt increasingly lose the ability to pay. Treatment of currencies, labor or work capacity, creating the economy of individuals: The grandparents don't have to do anything to "look far away, look wide" or "know people, know me" ... if the lack of vision, I lack you and "know money" is difficult to balance the life in the future. The person who opened his mouth is "unimportant money", "A few million with me is a small story" but essentially or borrow Borrowing, the situation of "long-term membrane", does not work durable, real working capacity "doesn't come". These people the capacity to "create economics" without or very low
Over time, want to live on the family, relatives, must borrow people around and go into the vicious circle of "Bell - Lost - Loan - Pay". According to the trend and showing off: some young people " Like showing off "and or psychology" afraid people don't see, do not know "should find ways to show up to dress up, ride expensive, use new phone, buying a lot of goods or society is committed What the trend must find a way to "enroll" for you, with friends ... is a student, but the pressure on the family, mild, sad, serious, it is suicide to leave school and suicide to "the money" . Working, borrowed, borrowed ... with the "heavenly commitments" on the pay term and "Sweet words" when approaching others to borrow. Nearly, the newspaper reflects Korean teenagers to buy goods Brand between Covid-19 pandemic with "Credit Card" - Borrowing debt before, then goes to work later. Many people have expressed the joy of buying a "unique in the world" or "high price of money". Then a few people after a time of losing the ability to pay, have to eat noodles, have to hide the creditor, must leave the land or commit suicide ... trying, subjective, ignoring when not listening, acquiring word forecasts People around. Actually, the number of people can "forecast" after debt but somehow they convince themselves and compromise with "spending too hands" or borrowing debts to spend, telling Both for those purposes are not considered legitimate, necessary. People see, staying in the subjectivity, the trend and ignoring the advice "to the bottom of the heart" of people around. And the road later, everyone knows "bumps, windows, hard to turn ..." .ths psychology Le Minh Huan - Lecturer of Ho Chi Minh City University of Education. So the implications of not manageable What is spending? Can you share how to overcome this habit under the psychologist's perspective? Behind the joys and interest in achieving the desire, feeling to satisfy personal preferences due to unreasonable spending, borrowing Money is a series of surveys and anxiety that people in the face faces. No few people because of stress should go shopping, go to eat and drink the station, go to the innocent drinking ... Leave the tension to duplicate , multiplied by three, "n" times. Some fears because of due to debt repayment but the ability to pay "by 0", the creditors can "ask for health" at any time leading to instability psychology, The work is also easy to stagnate, so the ability to recover both economically and mentally is not high. The reality is noted, because losing the ability to pay debts that many people leave home, leaving the land, hiding, worse Is depression or ending your life to not suffer more torside shoes. To overcome this situation, borrowers are forced to "early", sit down and list the debts come from, which debt needs Prepaid, postpaid debt. Need to negotiate anyone more about the debt repayment time, renew the debt repayment or "grab debt redeem". Only psychological is available

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