Idioms: Crab Horizontal. Copper knife: This afternoon I go fishing and bring a basket according to the crab, 0: 00/7: 53 MUSICULTURAL NORTHERS HAPPY DO INDUSTRYING SELECTS. ! Oh my son ..

.. Don't let it go down to the cave .
. don't let it go down to the cave ...... crabs have a lot of species, then there are similar species: cuffs, ceases, waste, three unlars ..
. Temporarily divided into 2 types: copper crabs (living in fresh water) and sea crabs (living in saltwater). My poetry in the countryside of Southwest, Mekong Delta, upstream of Hau river, water Sweet all year round, deep river flowing water, so there are many memories with this copper crab. In 1970 returned first, it was a season of seasoning rice (1 crop), December was to harvest rice, then plow land Exposure ... to the beginning of the rainy season, the month 4.5 lunar calendar with the early rain of the season is RICE RICE, harrows to fill ... Funding the weather, the rice is growing up in a seasonal season, then flowering ... October lunar calendar, water Withdrawal, rice trees are long in the land, December harvested rice, eating Tet holiday ... Farmers do not need to pump water, spread and spray pesticide pesticides. Output from 6 bushels - 10 PULLESS / 1 PLEASE ... LIMITED, ELLITTING OUT OF THE FAMILY .... There are very big rainy rains, so 5.3 kids took the tin bucket invited each other to caught crabs, snails ... crabs and snails deep in the ground, now there are heavy rain, they emerge, cows on the land, So picking up in blanks, just caught crabs, just crabs and rain ... It is fun ... the most interesting is fishing, most types of fish are most likely to be the "sick" bait, ie crabs near to peel, so go Catching sick crabs. Following along the ditches, suthes, and caught a few caves, saw a crab in the mouth of the cave, so wading into the cave, the crab retreat into the cave, but when the arms are clamped Now, so you have to know, so I don't have a clamp crab, even though it is still ... Pure pain ... When I caught my son, indent the second time, it is caught the crab, 10 caves, okay 10 pairs of male and female crabs, but sick crabs are about a few three children, there are enough bait for the whole day ... The hand catches the crab are full of injuries ... okay! Crab bite does not die ... .ba mother knows the little kids go to the crab, told only the caves with crabs in the mouth, the caves don't see the crab, should not indent, because sometimes snakes in the cave ... most stringent As the frogs, they flee, they eat male and female crab meat, then take over the cave, extruding the land, in the winter, spring ... to the rainy season, break the cave to eat and catch pairs ... . The shackle is closer to the crab, they are smaller, getting red, when clamping anyone, automatically falling, running away .... I can't eat, kids can watch ... Very fast. This is 30.40 years, the crab has many and cheap and cheaper, cheaper than fish shrimp, have some questions: girls today are like a crab. You guys, sisters ...) The crab is also the enemy of the farmers, they undermine the crops that don't lose any mice, bugs. They dug according to the dikes, the shore along the rice fields, rice, and gelates about a few stools, they have just eaten, just biting it ... the old days ... from the time of the French, to Southern Republic of Vietnam , the people caught the mouse, crabs bring to the market selling, exempted from paying Hoa Chi tax, sometimes rewarded ... today, farmers do rice 2.3 crops / year, plant protection drugs used To kill crabs, the crabs are getting rarely, while the demand for crabs is much, crabs become mine. Almost in urban areas, Quan Xa in the South, where there are also vermicelli shops, then the crab ... the most crabs are Tam Nong, Hong Ngu, Tan Hong (Dong Thap Muoi) Incredible, but still not enough supply, then the more crabs, are separated from selling separately, the 250,000 VND - 300,000 VND / kg, the poor are not daring ... in Bac Lieu, Ca Mau breeding of Sea tiles sold for sale also 400 - 500,000 VND / kg There is a type of emperor from abroad, hearing from 10 million VND / kg, not enough but sold, there is a very poisonous meat shaft crab, mistakenly die ... , Three ask in brackish water, coastal coastal Ca Mau, today is also rare, becoming a great food ... with a saying: Horizontal as a crab is to talk about a kind of ignorant, but or say, or argue , always give me right, Thien Ha greeted, saying: Speaking of the three villages say it ... this guy is like a crab! The crab in affordable literature, folk literature also has a lot, please record a three stories Follow the memory: Have a short story, tell the tiger in Ca Mau, water The tiger net waded along the river bank, the canal of fish and crabs. Meeting a crab cave to catch the crab, unexpectedly burnt crabs, then attempted in the cave, tiger pain too and did not withdraw his legs, large water (tide up) tipper was seriously heated and died ...- I often heard three, my mother said, when I was a poetry: Getting. There was a woman of love or eating awkward and greedily. One day go to the market to buy food every day, she bought a sea crab, and then sign in the shirt in front of the chest, (the sea of the sea was tightened 2) on the way home, the crazy clamped the head of the breast, At that time, she walked across the temple, hurt, she cried in the back, the abbot came out, see c

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