Creative Software To Protect Wildlife

By his programming ability, the 'decolgen' group consists of four members: Nguyen Vu Minh Duy (RMIT University), Huynh Minh Nhat (FPT University Ho Chi Minh City), Mr. Thanh Binh (FPT University Ho Chi Minh City) and Trinh Quoc Huy (Natural Science University, VNU HCM. HCM) has created software to detect wildlife trafficking on social networks. Consumption of wildlife trafficking is increasing on platforms Social networks, decolgen members have come up with the idea of Wildgogh application programming. This is an application capable of detecting, promptly reporting images, articles and videos related to buying and selling, looking for wildlife supplies in cyberspace

. "Preventing illegal buying and selling actions And protecting wildlife is an urgent job, however, this protection force has not been provided with enough resources and manpower. Therefore the application of technology to take better measures to bring high efficiency is that it is necessary to deploy immediately, "Thanh Binh emphasizes. (Wilderness) and "Gogh" in Vincent Van Gogh (a painter has created novel beauty)
"With this name, I want to talk to the message that their wildlife and the environment always have a hidden beauty and people need to learn and explore, not watching them like items", Minh Nhat Bạch.Vat from the hobby of playing in Saigon Botanical Thao, Decolgen team wants to contribute his creativity to the wildlife protection. When implementing the project, Decolgen met Must not be difficult in data preparation and uniform idea. However, with the love of wildlife as well as the cohesion of team love helped Decolgen members quickly pass, finished together the project. The Wildgogh application process also said. If there are additional sources of support in the future, the project will be opened publicly so that people can report unauthorized wildlife sales and "unhealthy" contents on social networks, Creating favorable conditions for authorities can handle faster and more efficiently. Can only share: "Hope conservation in Vietnam can be strict and comprehensive in struggling with criminals Network space trafficking wildlife. Just like the message of the Wildaid, Decolgen said that without a wildlife buyer, there will be no killers. If we all oppose the purchase of unauthorized wildlife, we will actually be able to correct mistakes and rebuild an earth that many species can live together. " - My My

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