Creatures In ‘the Hobbit’ Are Real, 23 Million Years Old, ‘hybrid’ Many Species

A hairy creature, puffed cheeks, rise right after the death of the newly excavated dinosaurs and named Bernus Honeyi, because it looks like the Bern monster in the Hobbit.Beorn in "The Hobbit, JRR's work Tolkien was built into a movie and is very famous, is a monster with the main character Bilbo Baggins, which can change the shape but the main characteristic is still a hideous, hairy and shaggy, fierce. According to Science Alert, Bernus Honeyi - Bern in real life - smaller than the description in the novel, but carries many similar characteristics, existing in the 65 to 23 million years ago.Conacodon Hettingeri, Miniconus Jeanninae and Bernus Honeyi, 3 "beasts" in the white chalk - Photo: College Colorado in BoulderThe author from the University of Colorado in Boulder said it was a fantastic mammal, though small but still much bigger than Most mammal with the same period, the most remarkable characteristics are so big teeth that make their cheeks bulging with this object like A monstrous set of many species, looks like a mixed hybrid child. But really, it is an ancestor of many modern creatures

. It has a shape of dog breeds, but is an ancestor of horses, rhinos and many other modern clogs, according to the description on the Journal of Systematic PalaoeOneology. In terms of size, it is not larger than a modern house cat, but enough to become monsters because dinosaurs mammoths are most just small as the mice. Sci-News, bizarre creatures This can be a slash species
Scary teeth can crush many hard plants, but it also eats both insects and some other meat sources. To recreate it, the researchers analyzed some fossilized fossils excavated from Great Divin Basin in southern Wyoming. Fossils dating back about 23 million years. Here, they also found two other species of Conacodon Hettingeri and Miniconus Jeanninae. These two species and "BeOrn in real life" have close relatives. The findings are said to help "rewrite history" about the oldest mammals have been born since the dinosaurs disappear. English

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