Creek Grasslands And Virtual Live Corners ‘falling Are Also Beautiful’ Choll Heart Teen Binh Phuoc

Owning the beauty of peace and pristine when lying next to the primeval forest, especially there are virtual live corners' falling, but also beautiful, blasting, which becomes the ideal check-in point for the love team Fantasy. Beautiful scenery like a picture - Photo: Ngoc Huyen Green, white clouds and fresh atmosphere - Photo: Ngoc Huyen Palace of Bu Lach Than 7, Dong Nai Commune, Bu Dang District, Binh Phuoc Province. Set your foot here, you will marry it in front of the green tiles that run long a large area. This area consists of 20 grasslands with different large areas, which are beautiful and the largest are large with an area of nearly 100 hectares and the smallest is a grass of 5 hectares. Kim and grass only grow very much Wildflowers have brilliant colors that make up beautiful nature paintings

. The grass here does not grow tall but only about 4-5 cm will be yellow, now a class of green grass continues to rise. The lawns seem to change the color, from the turquoise to turn gold to look very beautiful. The bobbishes, constantly changing colors and endless stretches made you keep being lost in a golf course
The floor is a simple floor - Photo: Huang Grand of Sunny Forest - Photo: Hoang Anh into the deep inside, You will reach the water area with a lake surface all year round in green, flat. Water in the lake is always green to prevent such interrupts, thanks to streams and strong groundwater from the forest. The Bau Nuoc area is also the ideal check-in place of many young people when coming here, with beautiful angles without death. Because it is surrounded by the primeval forest with large tall trees, this area Quite quiet, many young people choose to be camping to rest and wind. In addition, this area is also home to many ethnic minorities, typically S'Tieng, M'nong and Chau Plating ethnic groups. The people here are very friendly and hospitable so you can get a picture in the traditional stilt houses with extremely impressive designs. The buffalo isolated on the graze - Photo: Hoàng ĐàĐi, there is a photo Beautiful - Photo: Ngoc HuongVì Street in the street is still unspoiled, so it is quite difficult to go, one side is the area, one side is the cliff, so there is a local person to guide the way. On the way, you can stop watching the Garden of Low Red Cashew, Trang Sim Purple Release a region and the streams flowing are very so poetful. According to the experience of many young people, the most amazing time frame to check-in This is in the afternoon, then you will avoid the harsh lunch sun of the Southeast land. In addition, if you arrive in the afternoon, you will have a chance to admire the buffaloes to graze or are soaked in the lake, very "rare hard to find"! Like Vietnam

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