Creepy People With Raw Materials Are Picked Up From The Landfill

Pagpag - The dishes made from the raw material picked up from the landfill has long been a hot meal of the poor Philippines.Pagpag are considered an indispensable dish in the drums in the Philippines. In recent years, this strange dish has become a lucrative business for garbage collectors and small restaurant owners acquiring thresholds with cheap prices, they recycle into many different dishes.Pagpag has Meaning dishes from crushed meat with landfills, washed to remove dirt, cook with sauce, spices, vegetables, look like curry or soup, eat with rice. The landfill will be the last place to gather leftovers but in the slums in the Philippines, the landfill is the supply

... the main material for Pagpag
Pagpag's selling price range from 0.2-0, 4 USD / rate (about 4-8 thousand VND). In the slums, poor people are so poor that they don't have enough money to buy a hot meal, so Pagpag is seen as a part of the main meal Their days. Health authorities claim this dish is a huge danger to health. Sometimes abandoned foods have been sprayed with disinfectants, infected with various pathogens.Salome degollacion, An elderly person in the Helping Land, Manila slums, said many people died of eating Pagpag, when there was no other choice, forcing the poor here to cling to this dish. Photo: It video monitoring readers "All Vietnamese delicacies suddenly collected only with their fingertips". Source: VTV24.

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