‘crisis’ Semiconductor Chip Makes The Automobile Industry Deficit 210 Billion Usd?

The lack of semiconductor chips is expected to make manufacturers to lose $ 210 billion this year and even this problem will last until 2023.0: 00/1: 35The namtheo consulting firm AlixPartners, question The semiconductor chip deficiency will continue to have a strong impact and can cause a deficit of less than $ 210 billion for the automotive industry this year. Before that in May, Alixparerners gave a forecast about the lack of chip sold The lead can spend US $ 110 billion manufacturers and leads to the amount of cars shipped to 3.9 million units. In addition to increasing the estimation of financial impacts, the consulting firm also shows that automobile production can be reduced by 7

.7 million units. Demonstrate Auto News, Alixpartners' Mark Wakefield expert, said: " People have hoped that the semiconductor chip crisis decreased compared to the present but unfortunate events like blockade in Malaysia and many continuation issues elsewhere made everything more serious. " This year's factory is expected to decrease by 7
7 million.Dan Hearsch - Executive Director of Industrial and Automobile Practices in Alixparts - Supplement, almost no "reduced load" The industry, this affects the shortage: "Almost any shortage or production interruption anywhere in the world affects global companies and the impacts are being amplified by all other shortage conditions ".DA number of large automobile manufacturers are continuing to struggle with a shortage of semiconductor chips and regularly Newspapers stop production at factories worldwide. In the framework of the Munich Automotive Exhibition Recently, Ola Kallenius - Daimler CEO - claims that this industry may continue to have a shortage of semiconductor chips until 2023.

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