Cristiano Ronaldo Has A Great Apology, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Just before the opening of Manchester United in the Champions League, Cristiano Ronaldo shot a shot at the football field, causing this person to collapse outside the yard. Recognizing 'accident', Ronaldo has reacted to everyone who is very kind. Cristiano Ronaldo is of course the most noticed player in the MU game with Young Boys (Switzerland) club in Champions League, takes place last night (Vietnam time). And that attention has not yet started. It was not started by the ball from the ball, Ronaldo had a shot that was concerned - not for the opponent but for the organizers

. It was because at the start, he shot the ball but the ball did not fly into the net without hitting an employee outside the yard. Which Ronaldo's shot doesn't have to say, even though he only has a startup, it is enough to let the other employees fall down. Ronaldo is closer to see if the staff is unfortunately hit
Photo: Getty. Everyone around hastily and taking the staff "lying in the field". Very responsible, Ronaldo himself also climbed through the fence at the yard, approaching the "victim" of the shot. This is Ronaldo's video closer to see if his "victims" is nothing: Source: Sualp014. After chatting and knowing that the employee was not in danger, Ronaldo continued to boot. By the end of the game, he also donated to a female employee - given it was the one who was hit by his shirt. Many people commented that she didn't know if she was hit by hitting a shot, or fortunately because of her giving Austria. Or it can also be said that "in the chance with the sewing". The staff was given Austria after Ronaldo after the match. Photo: Getty Images
In the match M.U - Young Boys, Ronaldo scored the score. But then the situation became not good for MU and finally, they lost 2-1 before Young Boys - a team was underestimated by Mu much more than 72 minutes. But then he left Attaching the football field to "direct", causing some comments in the UK to suggest that he should sit down, not to "change the coach" like that. Ronaldo "directed" his teammates. Photo: MuFC Scoop. However, it can be understood that Ronaldo is always full of enthusiasm and your victory will make sure anyone is equal to, so you can't sit still.

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