Criticing The Poverty Of Poverty, Her Mother-in-law Was Stunned To Know The True Identity Of The Future Daughter-in-law

The house only has a single son, so Ms. Hai as well as other mothers who only hope their children meet the elevated people in the middle of the year, are a beautiful, good girl Too enchanted for the career, 34 years old she was still unmarried. Although he was 3 years old but the city was also very excellent, he had a mature, handsome girl attracting women. His family with businesses in the old town should be called a little bit of eating, of letting. Thanh also responded quickly to make the page more proud because he had to excel out to be in his green eyes

. After half a year of dating, it was confident to led the page about the family. However, the wife's life, right from the first day of playing, the page was not in the future husband and mother. Not only that, she did not consent because the family's family in the province was difficult, not to publish the family for the family quite fake like her house
Apart from Thien Ha said it became "driving the old lady plane". If it was a reputation, the daughter-in-law was at least, who was the one who had a family member, this is the future, she is both old and old, but the life of Ms. Hai is in the end, Ms. Hai a squid poverty, criticizing her mother's mother's old illness, afraid of her son later struggled to bring foreign houses. So, I don't hurry her hands on her hand. Although sometimes father-in-law in the future and her husband praised her food to do, praise her flower plug ... but her mother still slammed her face and catches the error. The ringbacked rings
The work became escalated when the Hai Hai raised to watch his daughter's face. This girl came to the rich family, but it was unconscious because he only loved himself. Thuan, she decided to stop by the son and choose the advice. Just coming to the gate of the company, it caught the car to pick up the page, desperately said, he drove himself to open the door for her with the respectful attitude. Being to ask to protect the girl who was a car Laughing to say that it is the leader of a company specializing in her son's own garment and partner. Come here, like dimly understanding something, Ms. Hai met and asked why Hidden the identity of the page, he just scratched his head to say that it was her suggestion. The page doesn't want to give money or her position now and his family feels ahead of her. In fact, the page is the daughter of the real estate giants, not the hometown as the word to tell Ms. Hai. To tell Ms. Hai that it will turn the new company and try to strive further Not inferior compared to the page.Nghe come here, Ms. Hai really feels embarrassed by thinking about taking care of the currency and watching the family to treat the page in the past time. Ms. Hai Dinh will cook a delicious meal to invite the page to the house to play and urge the wedding because she can't have to lose this great mulberry.

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