0:00 / 2: 42 NAM NORTH NORTH NORTH BABY LETTERS for the Left. The soil skylever was sufficient cycles for a ripe fruit tree season, and the eagle was not in the "fruit tree" but also fruit and ripened. In that ripe blades, the original fruit is usually yellow or red-sealed, and left is the food of night bats, visiting the shells to break like a painful wound. If you are free and walk around the street, look up on green eagle trees, trying to find the blue eagle now ripe, prepared to fall. It seems that the mouths don't want to fall, and want to hold back the moments on the branches and under the eagle trees in the left season, caught a corner of the road, the left blades fall into a pile, turn on thinking Come to a childhood to collect ripe oral fruit, kick the stone to break and eat well

. Ways to be more predetermined than any plant, almost planted a lot from North to South. Perhaps this is an easy tree to grow, spread covers quickly and have a hundred years life. In Con Dao, the ancient trees are hundred years, the root of both hugs has become a legacy tree as the highlight of the stories to visitors when people come here
The eagle trees in Con Dao prison are very beautiful, both the trees on the street, so are the sea. In the crop season, in the left, in Con Dao, in the bright fuzzy flyer, there are people who are difficult to collect to sell to the production places for beans for 2,000 VND / sign. That fruit tree is harvested in this island season, to create a very own specialty: beans. Con Dao beans have been processed with two types, the type to roam only and the type of sugar with ginger and pineapple leaves cost 300-400 thousand / sign. The blades are reminded of the childhood. eagletree. As in Hanoi, there are many ancient eagle trees: Phung Hung Street, Cao Ba Quat, Nguyen Thai Hoc ... in Pleiku with Quang Trung road with trees to reach high, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hue
.. Planting scattered many places, and the most beautiful blade is an old eagle tree in the sea park. But in poetry, most people only pay attention to the red leaf season, often after the Lunar New Year. The yellowish of the leaves of the eagle even if the leaves are peaceful to eat is also part of the literature. Few people remember the fallen season. Only remember. As you saw me back and forth to pick up the mouths, go to find a strict stone like a student who often went to Tran Phu street, gathered the ripe fruits into a pile. Then it's strong to take the stone "Ghè" for the left broke. In fact, it is difficult to get an eagle beans inside intact, just a crushed bean when mixing the whole soil, put it on the mouth to taste it. And the ripe fruits are bitten again, tasting a little like eating a fruit, with a slight sweet and chat. This mouth is falling in the root, they are the childhood of many people, And if anyone has never tried to find a way to smash the ripe fruit to taste the other fresh grain, it was now possible to go to a bang, borrowing into a blade and tried the fruit of the childhood.

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