Crystal, Town Body Ha Noi Night The Days Of Distance

These August, Hanoi capital made a social way to prevent epidemic, the street is less frozen and the more quietly when the city onto the lamp. People go to the night shift home Through the bean boots area. (Photo: Huy Hung / TTXVN) Night on, only the people doing cleaning work on Ba Trieu Blue street with two rows of trees. (Photo: Tuan Anh / TTXVN) these days, everyone focuses on home activities, minimizing the road to the road. (Photo: VNA) Literature-Cat Linh crossroads in the days of distance

. (Photo: Tuan Anh / TTXVN) Quiet Temple in the night. (Photo: Tuan Anh / TTXVN) The area of Tray-Trang Tien for a long time has a shadow of people who appear. (Photo: Tuan Anh / TTXVN) differs from no epidemic, now, people always meet the translation control keys in many streets
(Photo: Huy Hung / TTXVN) A worker is cleaning hygiene at the corner of dye-Hai Ba Trung street. (Photo: Huy Hung / TTXVN) is only 20 hours when O Quan Chuong Street has fallen in quiet. (Photo: Huy Hung / TTXVN) Evening, night, on the streets only see the familiar silhouette of the laborers of sweeping garbage. (Photo: Huy Hung / TTXVN) The crowded daily streets at the beginning of the night, now sunk when the clock is only 20 hours. (Photo: Huy Hung / TTXVN) Luong Van Can Street is often narrow, now looks widely. (Photo: Huy Hung / VNA) from 19 hours of Huynh Thuc Khang Street was deserted. (Photo: Huy Hung / TTXVN) Code-Luong Van Can fork in the night. (Photo: Huy Hung / TTXVN) Tran Duy Hung Long Hun Suction in the night. (Photo: Huy Hung / TTXVN) Area of old town is unusual, solar quiet in the days of social distance. (Photo: Huy Hung / TTXVN) Dien Bien Phu Street in the nights of ways
(Photo: Tuan Anh / TTXVN) Romantic beauty corner Le Duan-Nguyen Thai Hoc when night falls. (Photo: Huy Hung / TTXVN) Embossed the crossroads of Quiet during the nights of ways. (Photo: Tuan Anh / TTXVN) On the street, only the people appeared those who shipped goods. (Photo: TTXVN) Overpalation of Looking Over Lookway in the night. (Photo: Tuan Anh / TTXVN) Nguyen Thai Hoc Street in night lights. (Photo: TTXVN) Tay Son Street The shadow crossed. (Photo: Tuan Anh / TTXVN) Ton Duc Thang Street has a long time to appear on the night duty. (Photo: VNA) Evening, the street becomes quiet by most Hanoi people at home because the fears of translation of Covid-19 are spreading complex. (Photo: Huy Hung / TTXVN) Laborongs still remained diligent night to perform the beauty work for the lane of the capital. (Photo: Huy Hung / TTXVN) The corner of Hai Ba Trung - Door South is empty. (Photo: VNA)

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