Cuba Limited To Facebook Access, Whatsapp, Instagram, Telegram After Rare Demonstrations, America Spoke Up

Cuba has restricted access to social messaging platforms and media, including Facebook and WhatsApp, after the largest anti-government protests for decades, Netblocks global Internet surveillance company said the day 13.7.0: 00/4: 48 Southern thousands of thousands of Cubans have participated in protests across the country on 11.7 because the deep economic crisis leads to a shortage of basic goods and power outages. They also oppose the fact that the government handles pandemic and limit civil liberties

. Cuban government shows the protests staged by the revolutionists funded by the US, pretending to show disappointment The economic crisis largely due to the US decade commercial embargo is caused. The major protests ended on the evening of 11.7 when the security force was deployed to the road and Cuban President - Miguel Diaz- Canel called for government supporters to battle to protect their revolution
However, another protest flared at the end of July 12th in La Guinera, southern Havana, where a dead man and some others, including members of the security force, must enter Institute for being injured, according to state media on 13.7.Not, other cases of death and injuries are officially confirmed by Cuba so far. Hundreds of people went down to the road in La Guinera, Havana's capital The style is like "Freedom for Cuban people", according to two people and the video shared on social networks. Some people started throwing stones into security forces, who later responded in gunfire, residents Waldo Herrera (49 years old) said.Theo Reuters, a witness saw dozens of people carrying sticks From La Guinera at the end of July 12.. The activists said that the Cuban government was using the so-called fast response brigades - the government entrance group organized by the government - to fight the protesters. They Also accusations the government tries to interrupt communications. Introduced only over two years ago, mobile Internet was a major factor behind demonstrations, giving Cuban people more platform to express their frustration
Dynamic in protests against government in Havana, Cuba on 11.7Theo witnesses of Reuters, in the capital Havana have occurred the status of frequent mobile Internet and non-access since 11.7.netblocks (yes Based in London, England) said on his website that Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram in Cuba was interrupted in part on July 12 and 13.7.Net Netblocks, ALP Toker, said: "Limitory model In Cuba shows an ongoing persecution that takes place with messaging platforms used to organize and share news about the real-time demonstrations ".facebook, the company owns Instagram and WhatsApp, Lo Afrons about his services limited in Cuba, in the statement with Reuters at the end of 13.7.Joe Osborne, Facebook spokesman, said: "We opposes to stop working, turn off the system and other interruptions of the Internet to limit our community debate. We hope the connection will be restored as soon as possible so that Cuban people can communicate with family and friends ". When asked whether the government intentionally restrict Internet connection, foreign ministers Cuban - Bruno Rodriguez said in a news that the situation was "complicated". He said that losing the Internet could affect telecommunications services and "Cuba will never give up self-defense" .twitter Indicates that it is not found that his service is blocked. "Our weapons are the Internet. If they take away the Internet, we have no weapons. The government did not want people to see the truth, "Gino Ocumares, Havana residents, said when he tried to connect Intenet but couldn't be at a government Wi-Fi broadcasting point. The government calls Cuba open access The Internet The Cuban state said the protest in La Guinera led by "Socialist and criminals" tried to the police station with the aim of attacking officials, damaging bases Infrastructure. When the security force prevented, they destroyed the house, burning containers and damaging the wiring of the suburbs, attacking stone officials and other items. The state media also reported on 13.7 that Mr. Raul Castro, who resigned the leader of the Cuban Communist Party ruling in April, attended the 11.7 meeting of the political agency to respond to "Actions provocative ". President Miguel Diaz-Canel said in April that will continue to consult Mr. Raul Castro about the most important issues. The rally In Latin America divided along the thought, President Mexico blamed the US embroi-sanctions that the cause of unstable, while Chile and Peru called on the Cuban government to allow support protests Democracy. The US President - Joe Biden on July 12 said the US "supported his position

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