Culinary Culture: Simple Way To Call Sushi Types Like A ‘expert’

Do you know sushi fish live, sushi rolls, sushi funnel and holograms of other sushi numbers also have a different name to distinguish it? With many people, sushi is simply a delicious dish, but with moistessors True reality, it is also considered a school in Japanese cuisine. You may not know, sushi is only a common word of sushi types (vinegar mixing rice) with medium size, shaped by tormenting, grasping. However sushi is also divided into many categories and has a private name. It can be said that Maki is a common word to indicate sushi rolls, specifically, which is the type of rice roll with small seaweed, inside only 1 type Nhan, maybe live fish, vegetables live. Some types of maki you can be familiar are Maki butter, Maki salmon, Maki cucumber

... This sushi also has the word "Maki" in the name, meaning it is also related to rolls
However, futomaki rolls are usually large, with a diameter of 1.5 inches to 2.5 inches, including 2-3 different types of multipliers rolled by dry seaweed. Maki California is also a popular futomaki. In Japanese, Gunkan means "battleship", "war boat". But don't hurry, this dish is not associated with a maritime history ship or event. It has such a name simply because there is a shape that looks like a small ship "carrying" fish dishes, fish eggs, shrimp eggs or sea urchins.Temari means literally "handheld balls". Just as the name, Temari with rounded forms like small balls, are covered by different types of toppings depending on the taste of the food. This type of sushi is usually decorated in cute style because it is very popular in Hinamatsuri - Japanese girls holidays
As mentioned above, Maki only grows sushi rolls, which Temaki is no exception. However, there is a little difference here that Temaki has a funnel shape, only rolled slightly at the end, inside containing rice and coating various types like salmon, salmon eggs, vegetables ... Nigiri is the Nigiri The sushi has a long shape, which is spread a Wasabi class and overlays on a raw fish or other seafood. Nigiri in Japanese also means "squeeze", "compression", and that is also a chef to create this dish. A sushi rolls, but this dish is especially in place is it "upside down" . If other sushi rolls have outer seaweed with the inside rice, Uramaki will be the opposite, outside rice, seaweed and the inside.Rachel Pham (General)

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