Culture: Excluding Toxic, Except For Tyranny

When not enough 'culture', don't understand 'civilization', vague about 'civilization', why can there be 'lifestyle' or? Without 'lifestyle' or, why not 'moral degradation'? Why isn't it easy to 'self-evolving', forgiving - decadent? Why not noise? Why not 'on hot hot'? Why not 'onions are the main' v.v ... in the world, there are hundreds of cultural definitions

. "Vietnamese dictionary" 1992 records: "Culture (overall) are the physical and mental values created by people in the history of history; Civilization is a level of development to a certain level Of human society (when it has) has material and mental culture with its own characteristics "(Actually, just say," civilization is a specific manifestation of the cultural level and cannot rank With culture "because, when there is no" culture "worth saying, it is not possible to have a significant" civilization ". Also the dictionary records:" Van Hien is a long and good cultural tradition ". in three "Van", "Van Hien" is the biggest
The most arrogant person only dares to claim himself as "people with culture", "civilization", never dare to accept themselves as "writer ". 1380 - 1442). More and more specific, Nguyen Tuan Bao: "Culture is a person I study and remember (after forgotten), civilization is what people see and use daily (given from the buttocks), Van Hien, must use a shovel to dig up. "Tran Quoc Vuong," Extraction ":" Van is culture and donation is a good ". Therefore, any country has many cultures due to the gentle levels (mainly - because of folk culture) made, to the level of "long tradition and good", that country is called a writer give. Lan Vien also wrote: "Nguyen Du Viet Kieu, the country of capitalization". The more "many Nguyen Du" (not under literally), the water soon became a concerned country. Do not learn to follow the gentle levels, "mass culture" dominated is firm! "Mass culture" always has and always needs, but it should not hold a dominant role! The higher "academic culture" is higher - deep - wide, even the "mass culture" is also thanks. Body ". "Overall" culture gradually gradually branched, sometimes only to point a specific cultural relics, such as Dong Son culture, Phung Nguyen culture, Hoa Binh culture, Son Vi culture, Sa Huynh culture, Culture snail waist
..; Sometimes only to point at a level - narrow cultural quality, such as culinary culture, office culture, school culture, communication culture ... (all have the root of culture but here , has changed the meaning to become stylish - polite jumps). Back with usual life! Traveling only worrying to selfie the scenery without knowing the scope, the mountain, the river, soil , residential life with occupations, daily lines and customs of practices, religions and folks ... of them in their area, cannot be considered "cultural tourism" and so new "Du" (go out), not "calendar" (in "calendar", "Schedule" ...)! Nguyen Trai, because "du" many and "calendars" are also many, accepting "culture" With "civilization" throughout the country, can write "residual widespread", contribute a bit into the "civilization" of the country (Code of Thien, but only go to selfie throughout China, certainly do not write "history sign!"). Nguyen Trai also considers "culture" which is the root to "have people with heroes". He also advocates (very right) that "culture" must be used to "except toxicity, except for tyranny". The Ho Ta ever said: "Culture for the way to the country" is a different way , Newly up, the spirit of his father's "weight". It is also a truth of thousands of life. "Culture for the way to the country", the image turned out, according to Uncle Ho, "Culture" is a torch, which is lighting for the "national" for them to overcome Through soot, dark, backward, poor, suffering to peace - warm - happy. So in the words he also had the position of "culture": "excluding toxic, except to join, except violence" that Nguyen Trai polites. Thinking extensively, "Nation" needs to follow, go with, go under, accompany, go in the "culture" light. On that "Legend" path, those who tried can gradually enter the light, contributing to the torch, then becoming a part, at least a spot of "culture". The more people like that, the higher the "national culture". Who exported them, he became "Hien Tai" - "National Gas". Come here, I met Nguyen Trai, in the place where "culture" is the root to: "Yes, there is a hero,". Who doesn't know "Literature" that denies going in the "culture" light, whether or serious or unconscious, all people hinder progress (not to mention people with their own consistent, reverse "culture" ) And sooner it will be in the darkness of the moment of soot, backward, forgiving, decadent, "cultural". Suy added, today who stands outside the "except" things in the Word of Nguyen Trai and stand outside The use of "culture" to "look at the road

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