Curious The Most Strange Mummy On The Planet: Being Mummified 2 Times

Australian experts have important discovery when checking a mummy at Sydney's Chau Chak Wing Museum. The test results show that this is the world's most strange mummement when mummic 2 times. The world's most strange marinated marinated in the world was bought 2 times a Australian politicians from around 1856 - 1857. Later , he puts this Egyptian mummy to the Chau Chak Wing Museum of Sydney University. The expert team of Maccquarie University, Sydney, Australia has conducted a number of mummies, mummy tests

. The result shows the mummy Belonging to a woman died around 1200 BC. At the time of death, this person was about 26-37 years old. After conducting CT shooting, these mummy experts were mummified 2 times instead of once like normal
Life, the upper Egyptian girl is mummified in the usual way with the canvas wrapped in linen and uses medicinal herbs. A period of time, because some causes such as autopsy or a tombster Ruin that mummy girl was no longer intact. To preserve the mummy, people proceed to marinate the girl for the second time. This time, the mummy used a white paint, a mud layer, a red-painted layer and many linen intersections between the layers to preserve the competition. Experts say or the old people use red paint during the process Mummy for the second time shows the power of the dead. From here, they speculate that the dead have a high status in society. The marinosis of this girl seems to be stolen and sold at "black market". After passing the owner, politicians and politicians Australians have bought it and stored in Chau Chak Wing Museum. The readers watching videos: Egypt has discovered ancient treasures with over 100 coffins with 2,500-year mummy. Source: VTV24
gam Anh (according to LS, Lighthouse)

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