Customers Who Reduce Interest, Debt Relaxation

Circular 14/2021 / TT-NHNN (Circular 14) Amending Circular 01/2020 / TT-NHNN of the State Bank (SBV) to take effect from September 7, 2021. Some individuals and enterprises evaluated, Circular 14 have not removed all problems at the present instance.02 / 5: 25 Nouthern regions that meet expectations with old regulations, Circular 14 have 2 points New noteworthy. That is the scope of debt restructuring the debt repayment period, interest rate exemption and fees including debts arising before August 1, 2021, instead of only incurred debts before 10 / 6/2020 as provided by Circular 03/2021 / TT-NHNN (amending Circular 01/2020 / TT-NHNN). In addition, the debt structure time is extended by 6 months to June 30, 2022, instead of December 31, 2021 as before

. However, businesses have half a year to manage, respond to Current situation. However, many businesses think that Circular 14 still has many unreasonable points. Many businesses still "have difficulty" with Circular 14kh or the State Bank has issued Circular 14, expanding the scope of debts, Structure of debt repayment time limit, interest rate exemption and fees before August 1, 2021, MT immediately contacted the bank
However, she received a bank employee who should not do if it was still the ability to repay the principal and interest. "Currently, I pay about 4 million VND for principal debt, plus 6 million VND, interest rate gradually according to the balance of debt. If the restructuring of debt, the first 6 months I will not have to pay the principal but only need to pay 6 million dong of interest with equal level because the original debt remains unable to decrease. However, 6 months later I had to pay off the principal of VND 8 million per month plus the interest of interest "- Ms. MT. 19 outbreaks, the company reduced wages, when presented with the bank, this place does not reduce lending interest rates, which handle the direction of debt relaxation for 3 months, from July to September, but in October The amount of money must be increased due to a cumulative bank and divided the amount of debt in those 3 months in the following periods. The reality of the bank for debt relaxation but the interest is still accumulated. Therefore, only large loans are unable to pay and prevent bad debts, so they apply the restructuring of debt repayment term. Because this will create pressure to pay a huge principal debt later.Theo General Director of Viet Thang Jeans Pham Van Viet, the implementation of only 6-month circulars is unreasonable
The reason is that the implementation of the Circular takes 2-3 months by the conditions for distance to travel difficulties. "If the restored businesses take 3 to 6 months, many laborers also take the whole year, Thus, businesses are only about 6 months, they have not recovered "- Mr. Pham Van Viet said and added that the authorities need to be reviewed but not to edit Circular 01, 03 and then Circular 14.Mong bank extends debt repayment time, interest rate exemption and reduction of the circular also needs to be rapidly to avoid bad debt transfer, allowing businesses to store debt. "With our business, this month is all Cash flow. At least 3 - 4 months of production, the new cash flow is on, so it is recommended to renew the automatic interest to 24 months, not on June 30, 2022 "- Mr. Pham Van Viet proposes. Many businesses, banks also do not reduce interest, only debt. The 4th epidemic has caused many businesses to fall into exhaustion, even a lot of life. DN will need a lot of time as well as economic potential To be able to recover. Therefore, the debt relaxation only reduces the pressure to repay the debt before your eyes, but worry about the payment period, if the situation has not returned to the same as the income source to pay the debt when the debt number The monthly pay increases. Therefore, individuals and enterprises borrowing difficulties desire to exempt interest in the period of debt structure. on the bank side, immediately after the 14th Circular 14 takes effect, Sacombank has implemented the continuing Customization of debt structure for individuals and individuals eligible for individuals and enterprises. Particularly for reducing lending interest rates according to the new Circular, the bank also considers each case with the level of influence and impact of epidemics in each field specific In order to have the most appropriate support policy "- Deputy General Director of Sacombank Phan Dinh Tue said. The prize for some individuals and enterprises to reflect not to support interest rate reduction, debt structure, general manager OCB Bank Nguyen Dinh Tung said, not which customer has a loan outstanding at commercial banks is also supported. "For customers in the fields of priority, production - business suffered severe damage due to Covid-19 translation will be reduced interest. With other areas, the bank requires a bank to reduce interest rate now is very difficult "- Mr. Nguyen Dinh Tung said. VPBank representative in some localities to improve social ways of social systems Debt relaxation over time that the locality regulates the way. Also for the restructuring of debt, the Automatic Employees for customers who are eligible to announce customers in need, the bank will respond. Particularly For customers who meet the requirements of debt reduction conditions according to regulations, the bank will consider decreasing when guests have proposed. According to a banking finance specialist, the structure

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