Cut The Tree Of ‘leaking Blood’, Cao Cao Picked Up With The Body, Strange Illness?

Many rumors said that Cao Cao took the sword to tighten a tree of blood with a spirit, so he was punished, with strange illness and died. The defeated in Han Trung had released a "Network" The last five months of Cao Cao. Since then, Liu is gradually gaining overwhelming, the territory is expanded. Cao Cao after losing troops must withdraw from Han Trung. After a series of events, Hung Cao's time decided to leave Han Trung to move to Luoyang, Ha Nam (China) to build a palace

. The cause of Luoyang moved to originate from Quan Vu.The transmission, after the dance died, the messengers gave his head to Cao Cao. Cao Cao opened the box with the head of Quan Vu to look, saw the hairdressing beard standing up, glaring out, so Cao Tao was frightened to the level of a headache
Then, he ordered the soldiers to hold a ceremony Private funeral for Quan Vu. However, this could not be able to calm out the anger of this general. Night in the supply where people also heard strange sound. Long-term, these events that make Cao Cao fear, welding disease relapse, then become more and more severe. Serious situation, great gods are afraid to have a new palace. Cao Cao ordered people to go to the forest tightly to build a new palace. However, during the process of exploitation, soldiers were scared when she saw a tree after being cut, then bloodshed. Immediately reported to reports with this strange phenomenon. After listening to stories, Wei king did not believe and personally to check. Cao Cao to use a sharp bar into the tree, consequently the trunk to splash the liquid like "blood", unfortunately sticking to the Cao Cao
Soon after, he was sick and did not pass. He was in the throne for 5 years. Perfume Performing Performing the throne. A few months later, Cao Africa forced King Han to give the throne, set up a puppet house, closed in Luoyang. Cao Cao was traced as Thailand Vu Hoang De, often called Wei Vu De. Many rumors said that Cao Cao tightened the tree that bleeding was sponsored. Therefore, he was punished, with strange illness and finally died. After Cao Cao Die, many strange things happened. The propaganda has someone who saw the black shadow in the chapese river, many people are swimming, drowning here. After blocking water in upstream of the river and checking, they found a stone plate on it recorded: "Tomb of Cao Cao". Open the grave filled with rare treasures so many people speculate that the ones Death in the Chuong river can be a "curse" of Cao Cao. You watch the video: Egypt has discovered ancient treasure with over 100 coffins with 2,500-year mummy. Source: VTV, content (t.h)

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