Cyrelated Robots In Ruined Apartments Seek Missing Victims

Teledyne FLIR Technology Company has sentenced 2 types of high-tech robots to support Florida authorities (USA) to find hundreds of missing victims in the 12-storey Champlain South in Florida (USA) At the end of June. Robot helps to find Rescue rescue of Teledyne Flir consisting of 2 categories, called FirstLook and Packbot 510, with a pretty rough but super light design.Firstlook weighs only 2.3 kg, specialist Dangerous and toxic material, and keep safe for operators. Unlike fast response forces, FIRSTLOOK "is not afraid" toxic smoke, can crept in the rubble without afraid of the sudden work collapsing

.Robot named Firstlook of Teledyne FLIR company "structure of condominium court Being a very weak shock and regularly affected teleportation. Therefore, using robots deep into the gap seeking victims are buried, missing will be safer than the access of rescue team ", Teledyne Flir's vice president of Tomedyne Fir said. With size only with bricks, Firstlook high-tech robots can even stand remotely throw in and if unfortunately gets overturned when falling, it immediately "stands Wake up "to continue performing the assigned task
Packbot 510 is in size with a Vify, weighs 23kg, equipped with servo arm (closed loop control system, receiving signal and done a way Quick and accurate according to the order), can lift the object up to 20 kg.Robot Packbot 510 equipped with an arm lifted up to 20kg "compact design, so can be set Packbot 510 in car luggage compartment and deployment of rescue rescue search operations within 2 minutes ", representative of Teledyne FLIR added.PackBot 510 easily climb stairs and positioning in narrow walkways, transmission Real-time video, audio and sensor data while the operator stands at safe distance.PackBot 510 is also applied to remove mines, conduct monitoring and spying, chemical treatment, cooperation Humanity, X-rays, radioactive substances and many other hazardous materials. The Packbot 510 and Firstlook are equipped with a thermal sensor and a 360-degree observation camera.

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