He opened the door lightly looking at the daughter's room, she slept her hand to hug the teddy bear, tears still on the face of Phung Phen. Looking at the heart of his heart, it was too small to understand his life too harsh, he only had it but every time he hugged me, he recalled her painful face when she was over (+ 00 / 1: 48 nuoc nam illustration illustrated by the selected author. Baby was born while he was in the company, she was holistic and unanimous, the vitality flow in her body kept flush, collective The doctor is very trying to stop. He arrived at the place where she was at the last time, she was born early and as a result she was born and she left forever. Baby, he recalls the next time, going to work too tired he sat down to take off his shoes, she heard his father ran back to the rabbit: - Dad dad broken her picture! He jumped around the back He was quite strong, suddenly crying on her breast running up and hugging it

. He was also panicked because of his reflexes. Her picture he always kept carefully and taught his child as she she liked to watch his mother told him not to break down. Hearing the voice of crying, he regretted his regret, she gave him to bring it into the bedroom
Already almost five years he still did not forget her death death and felt it was my fault that he was unreasonable but he couldn't erase that thought. I went to my heart, baby still sleeping and tears And printed on her cheeks, he looked and saw her face appear every effort. The bigger it's more like my mother and her pain cannot reach it. Although she knew her danger still wanted to have a child and stained her, she was ready to hit the life to protect her. His heart suddenly throbbed his regret to show me a fault with her, with her. - I apologize to my daughter will never do that, forgive my father! In my father's father , in the dream it whisper: - Mom! According to the village

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